Want your prick to look its best? Get the Engraved Barbed Wire Imperial by gear essentials. (We promise it won't knick your prick! But it will make your love stick thick!) This engraved cock ring takes the elegant design of the Imperial penis ring up a notch.


The Engraved Barbed Wire Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


You’re unique—so why not get a cock ring that is unique too? The Imperial is one of our top-selling designs because of its solid weight (slightly over 6 ounces / 172 grams) and comfortable design. Crafted from solid stainless steel (so it is body safe—particularly those tender bits) it has a gently curving interior as well as exterior profile—so it won’t knick your prick! When you lasso your wild mustang they’ll whinny with appreciation at the added power the Imperial penis ring gives each thrust during your wild ride. Both men and women comment on how the added weight tickles their erogenous zones in a way they have never experienced before.

And know that when your knob is surrounded by hard stainless steel, it keeps things pumped thick and hard so you are ready for action. Everyone will know this stud is in heat and ready to mount!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





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