Titan .6:  Sporting Wood


I love my Titan .6 cock ring. In fact, I'm wearing it today. This made the following e-mail from Jerry M., a new customer who just ordered his second ring within the past few weeks, even more meaningful. His original purchase was the Titan .4--his first stainless steel cockring. He was blown away by the experience--and amazed by how much it improved sex. You could say it was love at first sight!

I have been teasing him that with a reaction like this he would be in gear essentials'heaviest ring--the Omega--in no time. (But his next purchase should really be a Titan .4 glans ring. Then we’re moving on to the 8 ounce ball weight. Hey, if you really want toe-curling sex—solo or with a partner—this is the way to go!)

Jerry didn't think he was quite ready for the Omega so he decided to try the Titan .6 penis ring. He just received it this morning. He writes: "I have one thing to say at this time. OMFG! I took one look at the Titan .6 and thought really? How is that gonna fit? Very Well Thank-You! So I traded out the .4 for the .6 at work and I am sitting here on the verge of sporting wood. Who Knew?"


Sporting Wood: What the Titan .6 Cock Ring by gear essentials can Do for You!


Who knew indeed!

We've been bragging for a long time--want better sex? Get a rigid cockring! These babies keep the blood flow restricted into your dick so you stay harder, thicker, longer and more sensitive. It also gives you an intrinsic sense of the amazing slab of manhood hanging between your legs (because it keeps you meatier even when you are flaccid). There's power in that prick!

Jerry demonstrates just why the Titans are great first-timer cock rings. They feature clean lines, low profile and simple style that isn’t bulky so it is very easy to wear. The rounded edges ensure optimum comfort. You won’t want to take these rings off!

Constructed of solid stainless steel, you know they won’t pit or peel and expose your tender bits to infections. They are also available in three bandwidths—Jerry has the .4 and .6 but there is also a Titan .2 (yup, it’s .2 inches wide). These are great for stacking for a broader bandwidth or to create a unique look that is all your own. (Last Friday, 2/14/14, we posted a picture of one of our models wearing a Strut with a Titan .2 on either side. It is one of my favorite looks.)

Jerry's last e-mail of the afternoon: "I just thought of something that made me weak in the knees. Stacking the 4 and 6. Oh Geez"

We'll keep you up-to-date on that one!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Rings:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan


    (Photo submitted by customer—this is not Jerry.)





    So now everyone knows I’m shallow! ; )

    JerryM, thank you for the compliments. Now I’m not just shallow. I also have a big head! ; ) [both!]



    Yes it is I, JerryM and you may think that this song is about me. Well it is and I am not vain at all. When I decided to replace my “rubber” ring with a gorgeous stainless steal cock ring I contacted Gear Essentials for some information. I received an reply from some guy called Jay and he answered all of my questions. We have traded messages since that original email and Jay replies have always been honest direct with lots of humor. I like that in a customer service rep. He connected with me from the very 1st and I trust his judgement and any suggestions that he makes. I started with the Titan .4 after consulting with Jay who thought that was a good cock ring to start with, then I decided to upgrade to the .6. I received the Titan .6 less than 24 hours ago. WOW, what a nice cock ring! Jay makes tuff choices easy and you can’t find a better company to do business with. Oh and one more thing Jay is just a bit shallow. :-)

    Kind Regards


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