Adventures With Airport Security Continued!


As I am packing to head out on another flight in a few days I had to chuckle about an e-mail conversation I had with a regular customer of ours (we'll call him 'Marc') the other day. We've shared stories about the adventures of getting through airport security in past blogs but this one heads to the top of our 'quick thinking on your feet' list!


Another Thorough Pat-Down by Airport Security:  "There's An Odd Bulge Here!"


I wear a Nitrile cock ring whenever I travel. I’ll admit it. I truly feel naked when I don't have a cock ring on. So the Nitrile ring gives me a bit of that sense of comfort that I crave. One of the things that I learned from Marc was that the aluminum cock rings do NOT set off the sensors. (Has anyone else tried this?) His fave is the Surge. (I’ve been enjoying the Full Screw cockring lately—a little wider at .9 inches—so I may have to try this on my next flight!  It's packed and ready to go!)


The Surge is airport friendly; However, Nick's PISTON Ball Weight is NOT!


Marc writes: "…the security chic opened my carry on bag & pulled out my ball weight. & asked what it was. She walked over to the other chic watching X-Ray & loudly explained it was part of my shaving kit. She didn't say a thing about the thongs though :)" [Marc is a fitness guru so we're betting he looks pretty good in those thongs...]

My response? "This is hilarious! (I'm just wondering how you 'shave' with it!) ; )"


Ball Weight as Shaving Soap Stand:  Shaving Kit Accessory

Marc replied: "Actually I had to think fast. Rather than take a can of pressurized shave cream I took a brush & the shave cream is a small round shave a small round silver bowl. I quickly said the shave cream sits on this heavy round cylinder so u can wet the brush without the dish moving. She goes oh I get it. & picks it up & proudly goes over to her partner & demonstrates this handy male devise. Really was funny. Not sure if the passengers in line fell for it but whatever. Tales of the frequent flier..."


We are guessing that most of the folks in line behind Marc were either more concerned about getting their gear off the conveyor belt or just wanted to touch Marc’s…..gear!

Tales of the Frequent Flier:  The Probing Can Get Intensely Personal (Note: this is NOT Marc)

Marc's last word to the wise: "Travel securely with the knowledge that nothing gets by airport security. With their well-trained eyes they have a handle on everything."

And some of them would like a handle on your…well—on YOUR handle!

(It’s good to know we are in such good hands!)

All's Well that Ends Well!  Another Satisfied Customer

I pack my man-accessories in a small ditty bag. It almost always gets a long look but I rarely have to explain. And when I do I am just matter-of-fact in my explanation of what it is.

The moral of the story? Sex is so much better with your cock ring, ball weights and glans ring--do you really want to have average sex when you're on the road--when you can have AWESOME sex?!  Bring your gear along!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos re-blogged from Tumblr, Jay Williams {#2} and Marc {#3}. Marc is not pictured) 


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I received the following e-mail from one of our favorite customers and had to share it:

“Hey nice blog post today about airport security. As non-ferrous metals come under closer scrutiny, the tech is changing to detect them better, so I would not bet on being able to get an aluminium ring though for much longer. Still, if it works, enjoy. I ordered the surge black for that role and if they want to feel me up, they’ll find a nice, full package.

“But a point about how I get my Master ring through security. I carry a backpack and I un-do the straps and put them through the Master ring so it looks like it is there to hold the straps together (which it does). It’s right out there in the open for all to see and it’s performing a function. It goes right through. It’s all about hiding things in plain sight.

“I have not taken my ball weight through security yet. Given its mass, this will be more of a challenge, but I’m working on it. Of course, my fantasy is to wear the weight through, set off the machine and have some smokin’ hot guy feel me up in front of everyone then take me into a private room to check my balls. Yeah, smokin’ hot and TSA don’t go together. It’s usually more like “Kid from Deliverance”. "

This left me chuckling! I did respond though that I brought my 8 and 16 ounce ball weights in my carry-on on my last trip. (Along with two cock rings and two glans rings.) Not even a whisper from the kind souls at the TSA!

Happy Flying!

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