The Glans Ring:  My Own Private Treat...


When I first started wearing a cock ring it was my own little private rebellion. Yeah, I could be a corporate prick in a suit and tie but deep down I was wearing a cockring—my own symbol of independence and rebellion.

Now I never leave the house without a cock ring wrapped firmly around the base of my dick. I feel naked without it. It gives me a sense of stability as well as pushing my dick forward, up and out. It does make for a very prominent package!

I also love going commando with my ball weight tugging, pulling and twisting on my low-hanging ball sac. It really gives me a sense of the sensuality in my pants. I enjoy the reminder of the potency that flops between my legs.

But my glans ring is like my own little special treat. It's an amazing little secret bobbing along just under the head of my dick. Many guys have reported that it feels like a 'mini hand-job' in their pants--and the heavier rings really do! It just tickles the sensitive area right beneath my corona in the most tantalizing way. Do you know that little thrill that runs up your spine every so often? THIS is the feeling I get from my glans ring.

I should add—this feels the best when you are commando. Tight underwear, while sexy, will completely kill the pleasure of this private treat.


The Basic Stainless Steel Glans Ring that Started it All...


I’m not alone in feeling this way. Ty from Kansas wrote the following review (about the Titan .2 glans ring) on : "I love tis ring! I purchased the 1 1/4 diameter and it fits great, very comfortable when flaccid and snug when erect! Thank you Gear Essentials!!!"

We are glad to oblige and share the fun!

We currently manufacture five styles and also carry a sixth on our website. The heavier rings give the best 'mini hand-job' but some of the lighter styles might be considered more attractive. I first spotted head rings at a nudist gathering. When you are naked there aren't a lot of options for demonstrating your individuality! However, the glans rings were very noticeable! They immediately catch your eye. One of my favorite looks is the lightweight aluminum Surge glans ring.

We shared the picture below a few months ago but it is of a favorite customer taken at International Mr. Leather last year (and well-worth showing off again!)


Sharing His Private Treat: The Grinder C Ring & Surge Glans Ring by gear essentials


Our trusty development team road-tested these babies for quite some time (we had to be sure, right?) One tester reported that while wearing it he felt like he was getting a 'little hand job!' We also discovered that even when wearing a cock ring the glans ring resulted in an even bigger dick head and a powerful orgasm. Sex will also last longer because the ring masks the highly sensitive nerve endings beneath the cap of your dick. The glans rings are designed for all day wear--and our testers had no negative experiences wearing them all night. (And if, like me you love your Prince Albert, they won't get in the way.)

The men pictured above are cut; however, even if you are intact you can easily wear the head ring. Some guys love the feeling of it gently moving beneath their foreskin while others use it to hold it back.


But how do you measure for it?

You can refer to our Sizing Guide (Link: We’ll admit that sizing these are not necessarily simple. We always ask for the following measurements (and remember, having a friend measure is half the fun!):

  1. Measure your shaft right below the head of your dick when flaccid:
  2. Measure your shaft right below the head of your dick when hard:
  3. Measure your corona (the widest part of the head of your dick) when flaccid:
  4. Measure your corona (the widest part of the head of your dick) when hard:

The goal is for the ring to stay on when you are flaccid (this is accomplished by the head of your dick) and yet not get too tight on your shaft when you are hard.

So the ring needs to be smaller than your flaccid corona so it will stay in place. When in doubt, go a bit snugger. Your penis has plenty of give in this part of the shaft (and it adds to the intensity).

Note—we have added a new 1” size in the Titan .2 and Titan .4.


“Pretty Much Amazing”

Another customer, Aaron, said his new glans ring was “Pretty much amazing.” (We SO agree!) He wrote the following in a review he posted on our “How does it feel? Pretty much amazing. I was skeptical of the description "feels like a little hand job" while walking... but it actually does. I also enjoy the constant feeling of weight on my cock and my dick does stand out more.

“So if you are even slightly thinking about getting one of these, just do it. You will be happy with it. You'll love the weight on your dick and the look. I can't wait to go camping to show this off. Thanks Gear Essentials, you yet again, provided an outstanding product!”

You can enjoy this private treat man-accessory too. Enjoy the powerfully erotic sensations as you feel your rod in ways you've never experienced before!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Top photo submitted by customer, second photo by Jay Williams. Aaron and Ty are not pictured.)



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