Mardi Gras: Snagging More Beads!

It's FAT TUESDAY!  And when you are celebrating Carnival you want to be rewarded with baubles, beads (and more) for a big flash of your seriously Fat Tuesday dick!


What IS Mardi Gras?

For those of you who practice the Christian faith, today is Mardi Gras (also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday) the last day before Lent begins.  Lent is the most serious time of the Christian calendar where many followers enter into prayer, forgiveness of wrongs, penance, giving to others and self-denial. Many people give something up for the six weeks of Lent (which ends on Easter Sunday).

I'm thinking of giving up my mother-in-law...


Big Beads, Big Dick in His Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


Anytime you are showing off your prick you want to show it at its best!  This is particularly true when you and thousands of new friends are competing for beads. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and you want to be your thickest and longest when you flash the family jewels to the world.  The man pictured above is wearing the ever-popular Imperial cock ring. 


But Why a Cock Ring?

The beauty of a cock ring is that it restricts blood into your penis so it stays fuller, thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive.  When you are aroused you will be blown away by how thick and hard your dick becomes.  Even when flaccid you stay chubbed and more sensitive.  There's nothing like walking around feeling the power of your manhood bouncing between your legs!  The feeling is incredible!

And when you have sex?  The sensations will be more powerful, you will reach places inside your partner that you never even imagined before.  Your orgasm will be explosive!


Looking for drama?  Be King of Carnival in this elegant American-made stainless steel cock ring.  It really is the majestic choice. Designed in the shape of a flattened donut, this ring offers heft and yet is still smooth and supremely comfortable due to the gently sloping interior and exterior.  At the end of a lusty day flashing dick you will still feel fresh and raring to go!
Michael J, a long-time customer from Minneapolis, MN, writes:  "You never forget your first. I've had this for years, since back when Gear Essentials only had a few styles. The 2 1/8" fits perfectly and its weight is great. I've had a longtime love affair with this ring..."
Getting Their Heads together & Comparing... Fuller in His Grip C Ring


You know that when you wear a cockring there is more to grab!  (Even if you just like to grab yourself--and so many of us do--like the lad above!) 

gear essentials has always been known for solid stainless steel cock rings.  We have valued this material because of the quality.  There is no chrome plating so it won't chip and peel.  We have met too many men who have spent time in the emergency room due to infections from a pitted chrome cock ring.  Stainless steel is family-jewels-friendly.  Wear it with confidence!

But we also realized we needed some variety!  So we branched out into solid aluminum as well as medical-grade plastic.  The man with the shaved uncut dick above is wearing the Grip penis ring.  Solid but with just a hint of internal flex, this ring is comfy and super safe.  It's a super-sexy black material with an elegantly raised center design on a .6 inch (15 mm) wide band.  It features our exclusive comfort fit interior rim so you may just forget you even have it on (except for the fact that it keeps you chubbed!)  It's light-weight at just 9 ounces (25 grams).


Catching Beads & Stares While Keeping it Chubbed in His Grip C Ring!


You'll have as much fun with it as Rick from Jefferson City, MO, who wrote the following on"I bought this Grip cock ring for a buddy of mine for Valentines Day (also bought the Surge composite for myself). This is the first composite rings we have purchased. The new Grip fit real nice for us both in our regular sizes we have used before. Very comfortable and smart looking. They are fun to wear and even more fun to share. We also have the half and full Screw (anodized), an Omega & Imperial. All are great products. Fun to switch around."

You'll have fun switching around too!


Professional Stripper Advice:  Wear a Cock Ring to Keep Your Dick Thicker!  The Plunge C Ring


A good buddy of mine is a recovering Chippendale Dancer.  He swore by cock rings. In his profession, the tighter the cockring the better! 

While performing he wore his cock ring so tight that his boner would be cold and blue by the time he came off stage.  Please don't do this!  An exception would be if you suffer from erectile dysfunction and want to keep blood as restricted as possible in your penis--and only for the act of intercourse.  You don't want to be strolling through your day with an ice-cold unit.  (And do not do this if you have diabetes or are on blood thinner unless you get express approval from your physician.) 

This might mean that you wear two sizes--one size for every day enjoyment and one for 'performance'!  I love wearing a cock ring all day long.  When I don't have one on I feel naked and as though something is just not right.  I like the comfort, the stability and the way it pushes my cock and balls up, forward, front and center. 

But when you want to 'perform' or show your package at its best, you might want to consider a ring that is one size smaller than usual.  It's not false advertising!  When you are hard your dick expands to pleasing proportions!  By wearing a tighter cock ring you are just showing off the potential (as though you are a 'shower' instead of a 'grower'!)

The male stripper above is wearing the lightweight aluminum Plunge C Ring.  The satin sheen of the finish reflects off the evenly spaced divots. Made in the USA of quality, light-weight aluminum for great all-day/play-all-night comfort you will really enjoy this ring. Like all of the Robo Collection, this is designed with an exaggerated interior comfort fit and weighs only 1.65 ounces (46 grams). And you might just forget you have it on!

We love this ring--but don't take our word for it!  Brian from Oregon said:  "Oustanding! Super easy to get on and once there it just fits so snug that I forget that its on- that is until I see someone that gets things "going" and then the gentle tug reminds me that its there! Used a couple of other cock rings over the years and this one is by far the best one I've found!"


Sexy in the SurgeBLACK Medical-Grade C Ring by gear essentials


The statuesque stud pictured above is strutting his stuff in the super-sexy SurgeBLACK cock ring.  This design is based on the popular Surge (in aluminum) but in the medical-grade material of the Grip cock ring so it has the same sexy-hot black styling.  It has a slight give but it's built hard–to keep you HARD! The smoothly concave shape of this ring also makes it look like your dick is exploding out of the ring! (We LOVE that!)  You're sure to be cocky with this one!

Rick (also quoted above) wrote:  "I bought this for myself for Valentines day. Very sharp looking and very comfortable, also light weight. I really enjoy how it feels and looks on. Great product"


Tip of the Hat to Reveal a Leather Cock Ring


Who knows what you are hiding beneath your hat! 

There are those times when you unexpectedly called upon to perform and you're not wearing your cock ring!  Damn!  But never fear--you can still get your leather snap cock ring on even after you pop a woody!  I'll admit that this trick has saved me a time or two.

No essential gear accessory drawer is complete without a leather cock ring. I find leather to be supple and comfortable (after it's worn in).  There's also something undeniably sexy about the scent of leather. AND this man-accessory can do double duty as a bracelet (so you always have it handy!)


Keep it Thicker, Harder & Longer with the Titan .4 C Ring by gear essentials


Crisp, clean and elegant, as you can see the flat lines of the Titan Series cock rings does the job! 

This dude is totally ready for action in his Titan cock ring.  Available in the lustrous Mirror finish or the tactile Brushed finish, the elegant Titan Series cock rings grip your dick with no-fuss-no-muss practical support and power.  Each is carefully crafted of solid stainless steel in the USA and is available in three bandwidths: .2 inch, .4 inch and .6 inch. The .2 inch is gear essentials’ narrowest stainless cock ring.  (The .2 and .4 are also available in head ring sizes.)
Want more? These rings are great for cock ring stacking!   Go ahead, create a unique look and feel that expresses your individuality.
Stacked Titan .2 & Strut Cock Rings PLUS the Titan .4 Glans Ring
I'll admit that I love the Strut C ring--it is one of the most unique rings on the market today.  With its raised profile it catches the light and looks FIERCE!  I love it even more when it is hugged by two Titan .2 cockrings on either side.  Look how thick and chubbed his dick is--and he isn't even fully hard!
New GearFan JerryM wrote the following on"I started with the Titan .4 which I thought was a good size and the brushed finish which is just gorgeous. So I decided after a couple of weeks of daily wear that I really wanted to upgrade to the Titan .6 in the same gorgeous brushed finished. I received the Titan .6 and thinking what the heck. How is this thing going to fit, remembering that I had almost the same thought when I saw the Titan .4. The Titan .6 will fit very well thank-you. Having both the .4 and the .6 gives me lots of options. Both are very comfortable and you can wear them for hours because of the rounded edges. Not for the faint of heart... I did try on both rings and stacked them to a full inch and let me tell ya my equipment was the biggest I've ever seen and the orgasum was amazing. It will almost take your breath away. I might even want to get a Titan .2, just so I have the entire collection. Your gonna love this cock ring!"
And don't forget the glans ring!  The sweet stud pictured above has the Titan .4 stainless steel glans ring bobbing on the end of his uncut rod.  These babies look amazingly hot and feel great (especially when you are going commando)!  Many guys have commented that wearing this one ounce piece of brushed stainless steel feels like a 'mini hand-job' in their pants.  You will earn the smile that will be pasted on your face when you wear this amazing ring!

But what If I Can't Get it Off?

Trust us, when you get off, it will come off! 
Jerry, quoted above, had this concern before he bought his Titan .4 cock ring.  We talked about techniques for deflating a boner (e.g. cold shower, thinking about your parents having sex, etc.) and he was confident enough to go ahead and get one of his own.  He posted this after getting his Titan .4 cock ring:  "The Titan .4 in the tactile brushed finish is a thing of beauty! It is as comfortable as it is gorgeous and keeps you rock hard for all of your sexual encounters. If your coming from a silicone ring the first thing you'll notice the weight of the ring and the fact that it's not flexible, but don't let that worry you. Once you orgasm your erection will slowly deflate and you'll be fine. The real question is what are you waiting for? Time to choose your finish and size. You'll be glad you did." 
What are YOU waiting for?
Another Stripper Another Cock Ring:  The Master by gear essentials


Another great option for Mardi Gras is the Master. The name says it all--it's big, bold, assertive and up to the challenge.  This solid stainless steel cock ring features a squared off design (with gently rounded edges to optimize comfort).  This baby weighs in at 8 ounces (228 grams) so you will know you have a friend on your side! 

Tom from the United Kingdom posted the following review:  "I got into steel rings over a year ago and I've a few. My Master Cock Ring is the one I wear most, as day-wear. I find it supremely comfortable and pleasurable, sometimes having it on 48 hours continuously. Under close fitting casual wear, especially denim, the just slightly outrageous bulge of my junk in this bold ring is addictive to the eye; very pleasing once you've developed the confidence to display it. The 'square' section of the ring has two really good consequences: the 'flat' front surface is delicious for my balls and shaft base to be pressed back onto by my jeans; the full bandwidth at my chosen inside diameter provides such a pronounced yet comfortable 'grip'. The consequence of all this is a ratcheting up of my sense of sexual potential, all day; I think I walk with a swagger I didn't have before! I don't fuck with this ring on; my woman wants the gentle curve of other models. But because the Master is so good for general day wear, it still gets the five star from me!"
So this Fat Tuesday, slap your fat meat into a cock ring and show the world--you won't know what to do with all the beads (and propositions) you get!


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(All photos submitted by customers with the exception of #9 which is by David Lee. None of the customers quoted are pictured in any of these photos.) 



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