The Ring of Kings


Yesterday we blogged about tips for the one-handed dick.  The cock pictured below is definitely a two-handed member!  (He may even need to recruit a third from time to time!)

It's a massive piece of meat--made even more massive by his Imperial cock ring.  And it will stay hard with the help of his cock ring.

The Imperial is a great choice due to its gently curved sides.  Crafted in the USA of solid stainless steel, this ring of Kings is shaped like a slightly flattened donut.  This means supreme comfort and maximum heft (6 oz. / 172 grams).



Last December John from Connecticut bought an Imperial--this is what he says about it:  "I bought a cheap ring to check out the experience and loved it though it was much to tight. I decided to get a bigger premium ring and really did my homework before choosing Gear Essentials. I haven't taken it off from the time the Imperial was delivered to my door. It looks fantastic and I love the weight of it. The shape is the same as finger rings called "comfort bands". I can't imagine any other design being more comfortable. 5 stars, LOVE THIS RING!!!!!!!!


The Ring of Kings on a King-Sized Cock:  The Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


"It makes my cock bigger..."

KD from Nebraska came right to the point:  "This was my first ring. And girlfriend love how it makes my cock bigger."


"Ourfantasypage Tumblr" writes from Florida:  "My first purchase was the "Bolt". Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed the look and the sensation of using a first class cock ring. We soon decided to upgrade to a heavier one. We chose the "Imperial". What a great decision! The feeling of having a heavier ring was a pleasant surprise. The best thing, though, is how much it turns on my girlfriend both visually and during sex."

Doesn’t your dick deserve the King of Cock Rings? Keep your prick thick, hard and ready for action with the Imperial! After all, you are a big boy now—you deserve big boy toys!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


Where to find it:  Imperial C Ring:


(Photo submitted by customer. John, KD & Ourfantasypage Tumblr are not pictured.)



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