Double-Ringed = Double Pleasure + a Lot of Swing!


If I could only buy one or two cock and ball accessories, what would it be?

It's not an easy question to answer.  We all like different things and because of our physiology different things feel unique to each of us. I love my cock ring collection (yup, I had to work at gear essentials to feed the addiction!)  I wear a cock ring every day. It feels foundational to me. It pulls my cock and balls together, pushes them up, out and forward. I find it super comfortable (unless I'm horseback riding--in which case I'm going to wear a cup anyway.)

A cockring also makes sex even more amazing--and by sex I'm also including solo sex. When we get excited the blood rushes from everywhere else in the body (including the brain--which makes a lot of the idiotic things I've done in my life make sense) and pulses into the soon-to-be-throbbing dick. At this point we are all on a level playing field. But if you have a cock ring on, you have a distinct advantage. The blood that pours in is restricted from leaving resulting in a thicker, harder, longer, more turgid (love that word) rod. You and your partner will be amazed at the result.


"My equipment was the biggest I've ever seen..."

A new customer (and friend) JerryM summed it up well when he wrote:  "The Titan .4 in the tactile brushed finish is a thing of beauty! It is as comfortable as it is gorgeous and keeps you rock hard for all of your sexual encounters. If your coming from a silicone ring the first thing you'll notice the weight of the ring and the fact that it's not flexible, but don't let that worry you. Once you orgasm your erection will slowly deflate and you'll be fine. The real question is what are you waiting for? Time to choose your finish and size. You'll be glad you did."

Two weeks later JerryM bought the next wider Titan and discovered it could get even better:  "I started with the Titan .4 which I thought was a good size and the brushed finish which is just gorgeous. So I decided after a couple of weeks of daily wear that I really wanted to upgrade to the Titan .6 in the same gorgeous brushed finished. I received the Titan .6 and thinking what the heck. How is this thing going to fit, remembering that I had almost the same thought when I saw the Titan .4. The Titan .6 will fit very well thank-you. Having both the .4 and the .6 gives me lots of options. Both are very comfortable and you can wear them for hours because of the rounded edges. Not for the faint of heart... I did try on both rings and stacked them to a full inch and let me tell ya my equipment was the biggest I've ever seen and the orgasum was amazing. It will almost take your breath away. I might even want to get a Titan .2, just so I have the entire collection. Your gonna love this cock ring!"

So the cock ring is an essential.


Ball weights...

But I also love my ball weights!  I know that a lot of guys are into stretching their balls (one guy told me, "If you don't sit on your balls occasionally they're not big enough!")  Personally I'm all about the experience. I love how it makes me feel.  I enjoy wearing an 8 ounce ball weight all day at work. I put it on after I get out of my morning shower and then take it off before bed (and not because you cannot sleep in it--I just find it way too distracting!) Heavier weights feel great too--particularly for more powerful delayed orgasms (you can read plenty about that in other blogs here on But if I could have just one, it would be the 8 ounce--another gear essentials basic.

Oh, and JerryM hasn't bought a ball weight yet--but I've got a feeling he will soon!


My perfect combination would a cock ring paired with a ball weight. The impact of double ringing is amazing--I get the penis power of a cock ring and the sizzling electricity of the tug, twist and pull of the ball weight. During sex my dick is huge and hard; orgasms are intensified and more powerful.


Double-Ringed = Double Pleasure + a Lot of Swing in the 24 Oz. Ball Weight


The guy pictured above has a HUGE ball sac. Notice that his balls are actually not that huge. But the 'drop'--the distance from his shaft to his balls--is exceptionally long. This guy could easily wear twice the metal. 

Want double the pleasure?  Double-ring it, baby! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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(Photo submitted by customer. JerryM is not pictured.)



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