Brian's Package UNWRAPPED:  Grip C Ring & SurgeBLACK Glans Ring


We love happy mail--and we love it even more when it contains pictures!

Our buddy, Brian (who just might have a larger cock ring collection than I do), sent us an e-mail yesterday containing four pictures of him showing his pumped package (in his Grip cock ring) and his pride-in-joy book-ended by cock ring and SurgeBLACK cock ring. 

Lookin' good, Brian!


Pumped Up Package:  Brian May Need to Consider One Size LARGER!



"I'm PROUD to recommend your gear!"

Brian is pretty pumped about his gear!  He wrote:  "Love the combinatio​n of these two and my cock. It is an all day sexy feel. The rest of the set is in my archives on tumblr at whatcolora​reyouweari​ng you guys keep the front of my pants looking great!!!. . . . . Brian (and you don't need to change my name. . Im PROUD to reccommend your gear!)"


He May be Wearing the Grip C Ring, But Brian is Getting a Grip!


Nothing keeps your package pumped like a cock ring.  Whether you are flaccid or hard and ready for action, a cock ring is proven to keep the blood in your prick so you stay harder and thicker longer!  Whether you just want the confidence boost of a big package showing under your pants or you want the added power a cock ring can give, the Grip cock ring is a great choice!  It's light-weight and comfortable--but don't let that fool you.  It does the job!


Tease:  As His Prick Grows His Brief Stretches to Reveal the Grip C Ring


The Grip penis ring was our first medical-grade ring.  We knew we wanted something a bit different (and we love black) but wanted to make sure it was safe to wear on our most intimate parts.  The Grip is that ring!  (It is so safe they use it in medical devices.) It is firm but with just a slight internal give.  The firmness supports your hard-on in supreme style and comfort--due to gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit design.  Therefore it delivers easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear.

This ring, made right here in Minnesota, has a .6 inch bandwidth and weighs a scant .9 ounces (26 grams)  It features an elegantly raised center design.  (Did I mention it’s black?)

UNWRAPPED:  The Grip Cock Ring & SurgeBLACK Glans Ring


Thank you, Brian, for finally taking it all off! (He knows the value of suspense!) In addition to his Grip he is wearing the SurgeBLACK Glans ring. This is another brand NEW original from gear essentials! Last year we decided to share our love of head rings with the rest of the world. We wanted to create something uniquely special so we married our popular Surge design (featuring an elegant concave shape that makes it look like your dick is exploding out of the ring) with the amazing new medical-grade plastic.

This Glans ring fits perfectly beneath the corona of your penis and is unlike anything we have seen. Wider than the average glans ring (our largest at 1/2 inch / 13 mm wide) it features our new corona fit (the interior rim is squared to help prevent the ring from slipping off).

It's just too hot!

Want to keep your dick chubbed and ready for action like Brian's? Not only does this combo look hot, it feels amazingly hot too! Get a Grip and crown your dick with a head ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos property of Brian.)



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