Is that a Bolt in Your Pants or...?


Simple, down-to-earth and effective, the Bolt cock ring will provide no-muss-no-fuss support for your cock.

Blood flows in and the Bolt penis ring restricts it from rushing out again meaning you stay at your best:  fuller, thicker, harder and more sensitive.  Whether it's wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am or slow 'n easy, the loving is just better.

Even when you aren't primed and ready for a hot fuck, the Bolt cockring keeps your member thicker and fuller so your package looks tempting.


Excited to See Me?  Nope, it's Just His Bolt C Ring by gear essentials!


Available in the easy to wear .4 inch (10 mm) bandwidth), this solid stainless steel cock ring (made in Minnesota, USA) weighs in at an easy 3 ounces (88 grams). But remember, the Bolt is for the confident man who can easily turn it on and is the best compliment to a great screw.


Better Hardware for Your Tool!  How Does YOUR Tool Box Look?


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Where to find it:  Bolt Cock Ring:



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