Spring Fever & Running Water:


Do you have Spring Fever?

Here in the Great White North we are enjoying a rare spring thaw day. (It's just a tease--more cold weather is coming this weekend. This winter is a lot like my ex-mother-in-law: bitter, invasive, cranky and reluctant to leave.)

But with the sun and thawing of the great ice pack, it seems that our blood begins to flow. And it flows a lot down there! (You know, below the belt...above the knees...?)

Those of you in temperate climates miss out on the high drama sexual energy of the changing seasons. Spring is the season when the big bulky coats, boots and scarves get peeled off revealing the sensitive alabaster flesh beneath! We cannot wait to rip our clothing off and lie naked on the ground. We crave the sun's rays.

This is a pretty typical reaction according to Wet Intimacy Product’s survey: 

  • 67% of respondents said they become more interested in sex when the weather starts getting warmer
  • 74% said that they feel sexier during the warmer seasons
  • 38% of respondents said they find that their inhibitions are lower in the warmer months
  • 49% are more likely to flirt with a stranger when the weather starts getting warmer
  • 38% of respondents are more likely to have a one night stand when the weather starts getting warmer

(Now THESE odds are even in MY favor!)  

Looking for love--or just plain sex?! The odds are increasingly in your favor this time of year. In fact, park yourself at the exit of any nude beach and you will find folks who are just itching to get off.

A lot of the research I consulted blames longer days (more sunshine) for the increase in horniness. Perhaps it is a combination of sunshine and less clothing. Or perhaps it is because we are trained through centuries of evolution to procreate this time of year. In the words of Cole Porter, "Birds do it, bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Let's do it, let's fall in love." (We are willing to oblige.)


<Spoiler Alert:  If you are offended by 'Water Sports' (aka peeing on your partner) please read no further!>


As the snow melts, it runs into the streets, creeks and rivers.  Suddenly there is the sound of running water everywhere.  Not only are we shedding our winter clothes, but Mother Nature is performing a slow snow strip-tease.  The bottom pic shows running water of another kind--water sports.  This fever is on the uptick this time of year too.

A lot of folks are into water sports (the technical term is urolagnia; it is also known as golden showers).  But for many, there is a taboo around this subject.  It could stem from 'potty' training when your parents asked if you had to go 'Number 1' or 'Number 2'.  (Did anyone else play 'sink the Cherios?')

Over the past week I've had quite a few conversations about this with straight and gay friends.  Most had or thought it would be hot to be peed on by (or pee on) their partner in the shower.  I say don't knock it until you've tried it!

For those who want to go beyond a casual shower pee, water sports can involve wetting oneself, urinating on somewhen else, acting as a human urinal or just watching others relieve themselves.  The bottom picture shows a guy with a hard-on urinating.  Most men have a hard time peeing when hard because the neck of the bladder closes to stop semen from entering the bladder.  Consider this shot of Zac Efron on the toilet...


Zac Efron Has an Akward Moment in His Movie Neighbors


So we have to admit great respect for the human drinking fountain below!  He has a boner (helped along by his Imperial cock ring) and is still able to be a human drinking fountain...

But humans aren't the only creatures on this melting earth engaging in water sports. The male porcupine and the Patagonian Mara (a rodent) also pee on their sexual partners. Female Kob antelope perform oral sex, stroke each other’s vulvas and stick their snouts in their partner's urine (there's a porn script in here somewhere!) This behavior is more common during breeding season which is in....the Spring.... (very interesting!)

Kudos to Ricky Martin (singer/actor) who in an interview in Blender noted that he enjoys golden showers.  R. Kelly (record producer and singer/songwriter) was filmed urinating on his female partner.


Spring Fever Thaw: The Imperial Drinking Fountain

The hard fountain above is supported by his Imperial penis ring.  That beautifully crafted stainless steel ring of passion will keep your boner thicker and hard--because it limits the amount of blood that can leave your hard prick.  Supremely comfortable because of it's gradually rounded interior as well as exterior, this is an easy ring for all-day-play.  It's a bit heavier--6 ounces (172 grams) so your partner will feel it when it's time to fuck.  It will give added power to your thick rod--and graze the erogenous zones of your partner every time you make contact.  Life is good, isn't it?

Whether you enjoy engaging in water sports, get off on just watching it or prefer to believe that no one urinates, sex will be better with a cock ring on your love stick! When you are thicker and harder, the sexual pleasure is exponentially better. You will enjoy it more--and your partner will too!


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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(Photos provided by customers.)



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