Your dick may be four inches long or twelve.  Regardless of the size, you want to put your best foot forward!

Here in the great-(still)-white-North, spring is a time when men start thinking about getting outside and finding a little action!  Whether you are in Hampstead Heath in London or Bare Ass Beach in Minneapolis, there are men (gay, straight and bi) cruising for a little erotic activity (so if you hear the bushes shaking, chances are that the wild beasts in the brush are walking on two legs, not four).  Boys will be boys...

Some of this activity has been diminished by the convenience of Craig's List or Grindr but there is still something to be said for the thrill and excitement of catching someone's eye, grabbing your crotch, smiling and disappearing into the woods.  It's a mating ritual as old as civilization itself.

Your goal is to show a big enough package that you will get the attention of your quarry.  The same is true if you are standing in a bar or a party.  You see someone you are interested in and hope that what you are offering is what they are buyin'!

That's where cockrings from gear essentials come in.  Our rings keep the blood in your dick (where it belongs!) so it stays chubbed up.  You want to be at your thickest and biggest so you can show off some of your potential.  If you are a 'grower', chances are that in its flaccid state your prick isn't much to write home about.  That will not do!  Your cock ring will push your junque up and forward and keep it chubbed so you are looking your finest!


Spring Fever:  Looking His Best in His Titan .4 C Ring by gear essentials


The Titan (pictured above) series comes in a variety of sizes and bandwidths to meet your individual preference. They are also available in the mirrored or brushed finish. Crafted of solid stainless steel in Minnesota, US, these rings will last for years and years. You can also get this style in glans rings for an even more sensual feeling.

Put your best foot forward this spring--remember: cock chubbed, up and OUT! It's going to be a great season!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Where to find it:  Titan Cock Ring:


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