There is JOY Through 'the Gates of Hell'


Want to keep your man honest?  Check out the Gates of Hell!

Ideal for initial chastity play exploration, it can be worn all day but it should be removed for showering and swimming. To put it on, simply put your cock and balls through the largest ring first (just like you would put on any cock ring) and then slip your cock through the rest of the rings. Once on, you will grow to fill the space as your excitement grows!

This design doesn’t completely enclose your prick (nor does it padlock) so you can still touch yourself but you won't get off quickly.  It's great for teasing and the stimulation of all those spaced rings on your dick can be mighty tantalizing.  


Finding Joyful Pleasure in Bondage:  The Gates of Hell


Looking for a little bite in your play? Cage your cock, keep things under control and hold your penis erect in the 5 Gates of Hell. The strap is black leather and holds 5 graduated metal rings at regular intervals--to keep your penis nicely penned! The rings are graduated from 6 1/4" to 3 1/4". One size fits most--unless you are above average!

This light bondage device will stroke all the soft spots on your shaft as you move throughout your day--or during play!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


Where to find it: Gates of Hell:


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