Hanging Around?  Feel the Fury


So there you are, just another evening hanging out chained to the rafters and you realize someone is pointing at you.

With his dick.

And surrounding the base of that dick is gear essentials' biggest:  The FURY!

That baby will keep his prick thick and hard--you will know what's tapping you!


"The ring is perfect...reserved for shorter, incredibly intense sex..."

Anonymous from the US wrote:  "What can I say? They call it the Fury! After my amazing introductory steel experience with the Titan .2 I decided biggest and widest and tightest MUST be best. Well, yes and no. This ring is perfect but I consider it my "bedroom ring". I now have several more Gear Essential rings and this is perhaps the one that gets the least wear (besides my now-retired-in-favor-of-wider-bandwidth .2 Titan). Whereas others I wear all day, the Fury is usually reserved for shorter, incredibly intense sex and most often for amazing solo ventures. As always with Gear Essentials; complete top quality in design, manufacturing, style and comfort. Totally recommended but know what you're getting into. ;)"

He's right.  Sex with the Fury is incredible.  Gear essentials' widest stainless steel and second-heaviest penis ring at slightly over 10 ounces, you will know you have it on.  Its weight surrounds and supports your prick.  While fucking, your partner will feel the added weight as it bounces with each thrust, adds power to your fucking style and bounces off his or her erogenous zones.
Ready for unforgettable sex? 
Hard & Tall Cock in the Fury C Ring by gear essentials


With its double-ring profile the Fury cockring is a bold look in man-size cock accessories. It is extremely sexy and comfortable to wear. It pumps up your dick for furious action! Add some Fury to your life today!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


Where to find it: Fury C Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/fury


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