Guest Blogger JerryM writes, “But....Why?”

By gear essentials' Guest Blogger JerryM.

[Jay is ‘on assignment’ this week in the mystical and magical Middle East. We suspect he will have much to report when he returns. In the meantime, new GearFan JerryM has offered to write today’s blog for us. JerryM is highly quotable (and has been quoted in this blog several times in the past few months). He offers a refreshing point of view—and a fresh perspective on gear essentials’ blog.]


You know, sometimes I think I need my head examined and that perhaps there’s something not connected correctly in my brain.

"Why?" You ask.

I get these thoughts in my head that I need or must have something and have no idea why. So I search, ask lots of what I think are stupid questions and then search some more (and ask more questions—repeat three times) and then finally come up with a solution. My favorite question starts off with “But...Why....?”

I can really drive myself bat shit cray-cray!

Take for example cock rings: years ago I bought a little ring that I thought was rubber (in truth it was just a flexible ring). I used it and enjoyed it a lot. Then one the day the little ring grew legs and walked off—never to be found again!

I don’t really recall where I got it because I’ve had it forever. But I get the idea that I need to replace my flexible ring, so off I go to the local shop and I found a set of 3 Nitrile Cock Rings.

Set of 3 Nitrile C Rings Ranging in Size from 1 1/2" to 2"



“Looks like my old ring... looks like rubber, kinda feels like it... Really what the hell is Nitrile?”

From the Science Guy Files (actually from Wikipedia:

“A nitrile is any organic compound that has a C N Functional Group. The prefix cyano- is used interchangeably with the term nitrile in industrial literature. Nitriles are found in many useful compounds, including methyl cyanoacrylate, used in super glue....” Blah, blah, blah! Kids find this stuff boring. Blah, blah, blah!

This Hot Leather Daddy in His Nitrile Cock Ring

My new little ring worked fine and it was the same ring that I had lost. Mission Accomplished... WOO HOO! I can put this to rest... Or so I thought. Al Gore’s Internet is a wonderful thing and one day I’m surfing the net and I get this idea in my head that I need to get a metal cock ring. Where did that come from? Oh, no, here we go again! I start looking and find lots of companies that produce metal rings. I find the link for this company called gear essentials at I look the site over and I like some of the rings that I see. So I click the contact link, fill out the form and click send. I get a response back from someone called Jay. Oh, god Jay is gonna just hate me. I’ve got so many stupid questions and he will surly curse himself that he ever answered my email. “Run for your life, Jay. Ya gotta stupid one here!”

So I ask him the question that everyone must want to know: “What happens if I get a ‘Forever Erection’? [E. g.: Seek medical help for erections lasting longer than 4 hours.] Do we need to take a blow torch to this bitch and cut that sucker off, burning off all the pubic hair that took a lifetime to grow?”

Jay tells me to do a couple of things: First off “think of your parents doing the nasty” (yuck) “and if that doesn’t work then take an ice cold shower.”

Yep, I think that will cure the “Forever Erection”!

With Jay’s help, we decided that the best cock ring for me would be the “Titan”. The Titan cock ring comes in three sizes: the .2-, .4- and .6-inch width with two gorgeous finishes (mirror and the tactile brushed finish).

But what size? Well of course the .4-inch—not too small and not too big; just the right size. It’s really great to have a person like Jay who knows his product and knows what to suggest to people like me (who have no idea which one will work the best).


Working Out in His Titan .4 Cock Ring by gear essentials

In a review of the product shortly after I got it, I wrote: “The Titan .4 in the tactile brushed finish is a thing of beauty! It is as comfortable as it is gorgeous and keeps you rock hard for all of your sexual encounters. If your coming from a silicone ring the first thing you'll notice the weight of the ring and the fact that it's not flexible, but don't let that worry you. Once you orgasm your erection will slowly deflate and you'll be fine. The real question is what are you waiting for? Time to choose your finish and size. You'll be glad you did.”

Wow, my first rigid cock ring. I can put this puppy to bed. Mission Accomplished or so I thought.

WHAT? You want a bigger ring? But...Why?”

Let me explain: I have never had a bigger erection or a better orgasm. Could it get even better with a bigger cock ring? I thought the Titan .4 was the heaviest I would go and would be the only cock ring I would ever need. Hold on just a minute here, Bucko. Your mind is playing tricks on you. Again?

Jay, your stupid guy is baaaaacccckkk! (With lots more questions.)

As I recall Jay suggested the “Omega Cock Ring” and I may have told him he was out of his friggin’ mind! At 11 ounces, I’ll never be able to walk and my balls will be to my ankles.


Hard & Horned in His Omega Penis Ring by gear essentials

With Jay’s help again, we decided on the same cock ring (the “Titan”) but this time we decided on the .6-inch bandwidth—and it’s not as heavy as that boat anchor called Omega! So when I received the Titan .6 and held it in my hand, I thought, “How is that thing gonna fit?” And I almost had a panic attack. Read the review I wrote on the gear essentials' site about the Titan .6:

JerryM writes: “I started with the Titan .4 which I thought was a good size and the brushed finish which is just gorgeous. So I decided after a couple of weeks of daily wear that I really wanted to upgrade to the Titan .6 in the same gorgeous brushed finished. I received the Titan .6 and thinking what the heck. How is this thing going to fit, remembering that I had almost the same thought when I saw the Titan .4. The Titan .6 will fit very well thank-you. Having both the .4 and the .6 gives me lots of options. Both are very comfortable and you can wear them for hours because of the rounded edges. Not for the faint of heart... I did try on both rings and stacked them to a full inch and let me tell ya my equipment was the biggest I've ever seen and the orgasm was amazing. It will almost take your breath away. I might even want to get a Titan .2, just so I have the entire collection. You’re gonna love this cock ring!”

As you can probably tell I love the cock rings that gear essentials has and the outstanding customer service that I get from Jay. Deciding on what cock ring to wear for the day is as important as the clothes that I decide to wear. Not wearing a cock ring would make me feel naked. The Titan series is good for guys new to cock rings or those who have worn cock rings for years. There may be a certain stigma that you ‘must’ belong to a certain group to wear a metal cock ring, this is not true. All you need is a set of cock and balls and you’re all set—well you do need to decide on which cock ring is right for you. Your erection will be the biggest you have ever experienced and let’s not forget about the mind-blowing orgasms that you have with a gear essentials’ cock ring.

Once again, Mission Accomplished! Surly, I’ve found the perfect cock ring set in the Titan .4 and .6. They give me lots options. Perhaps I might want to add a .2 to my collection. I’m not sure why. “Do I need to go 11 ounce? Did someone in my head just say Omega? On no, here we go again.... But... WHY?”

Now I know why they say “gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!” because it is!





(Photos submitted by customers. None of these is JerryM.)




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