Guest Blogger Adeeb writes, “Cruising, Arab Style”


By gear essentials’ Guest Blogger Adeeb.


[Jay is still ‘on assignment’ in the mystical and magical Middle East. Today’s blogger is Adeeb. He is married with children and lives in the Middle East.]


I am Adeeb. I am from the Middle East, I am Muslim, I am married, I have three children (and one on the way) and I enjoy sex with men.

In my culture we do not really have positive words for man-on-man sex that western culture has.


A Lingering Look....


Surprising to many is the fact that 1,400 years ago there was sexual freedom for the earliest Muslims. Unlike the Christian religion, sex was celebrated for pleasure—not just procreation. Over 1,200 years ago Arab poet Abu Nuwas, one of the great classical Arabic poets, wrote:


Oh Sulayman, sing to me and give me a cup of wine

And if the wine comes round, seize it and give it to me!

Give me a cup of distraction from the Muezzin’s call

Give me wine to drink publicly

And bugger and fuck me now!


Even fifty years ago men were marrying one another in Egypt. This is not the case today.


The expression is in the Face: Will we be going home together?



In my society, to not marry and bear children is considered a great dishonor to the family. In many tribes, a man who leaves to engage in what the west would call a ‘gay lifestyle’ could be hunted down and brought to the sheiks to have Satan exercised from him—or even killed.

Yet before marriage, it is common for young men in my culture to engage in sex with each other because women are forbidden. Your intended bride’s virginity is a badge of family honor and must not be taken. If you like sex with men and continue the practice after marriage, there is much fear that your family will discover it.


A Desire Best Kept Secret


Yet public displays of affection between men are not uncommon. You may see two men holding hands as they walk down the street or kiss each other on both cheeks as a greeting. Yet to express any deeper affection in public would be disastrous.

I have several friends, one whom I have known for many years, who get together to satisfy cravings for sex with men. We desire feeling each other’s hard bodies, exploring musky hairy armpits, balls, cocks and asses with our hands and mouths. We have love for each other but when we are done we go back to our homes.


Desire: exploring musky hairy armpits, balls, cocks & asses


Sometimes a man wants more: the thrill of the chase, the hunger of lust that can only be quenched by a new conquest. That is when I go ‘cruising’. There are many places in my city or the cities where I travel for business where men go to find other men who are interested in sex.

I carefully dress for the part. I wear a tighter thoub, or robe, so you can see my cock and balls flopping. I wear a heavy cock ring (I particularly like the Omega because the weight is pleasing and it makes my member larger).

When I go for my walk I light a cigarette and walk slowly. When I see someone I am interested in I slow down slightly, make eye contact, smile and stare longer than is customary. You can tell if another man returns the interest if he gives you an intense look that lingers too long.

Many Arabian men are great flirts (particularly those in the service industries) so one must beware to not take it as sexual interest. However, if the lingering look is followed by an even longer smile you know it is time to stop and have conversation.


We go to a private place where we are free...


You quickly know whether there is interest in having sex. At that point you go together to a private place where you are free to express your love for your fellow man.


I wear a heavy cock ring

(I particularly like the Omega because the weight is pleasing and it makes my member larger)


And when we make love, the love is better with my cockring. We satisfy our passions and leave each other drenched and spent.






(Photos submitted by customers. None of these is Adeeb.)





Its all very true. Sex goes both ways. Enjoy!!



A beautiful story about beautiful men. My time in the Middle East was one of mystery and work and learning that making eye contact with other men was not only common, but expected. Looking away is often seen as dishonesty. Having business talks and looking into beautiful, warm eyes was often difficult as I struggled to keep to the subject. As a westerner, I did not dare act on any impulse out of fear I had got it wrong. In some situations it could have been a disaster for both parties. But I enjoyed looking. The soft voices, the beautiful Arabic that flows like warm honey, the faces and lips were all mind blowing. Like the west, there are many double-standards in play but also alike is the need men have to be with men, even if they are happily married with great families. Sometimes, a man needs another man’s touch.

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