By gear essentials’ Guest Blogger Ahmad.

[Jay is still ‘on assignment’ in the mystical and magical Middle East. Today’s blogger is Ahmad. Like yesterday’s blogger, he is married with children and lives in the Middle East.]


Do you ever walk down a street or passageway and you see the eyes of a striking man and mentally undress him and dream of what you would do with him? Do you find yourself wanting to possess him? In your mind you want to put your hand on his breast and feel the racing of his heart, devour his eyes and watch for the sensual surrender when your hard cock passes that tight ring and enters his warm and inviting passage?

Do you wander what flows beneath the flowing robes?


A Line-Up of Handsome Middle Eastern Men in their Thobes: Wonder What's Beneath?



He passes by and I mutter a little prayer to Allah.  I know what is flowing beneath my dishdasha; grant that I may see what lies beneath his flowing robes.


Beneath His Flowing Dishdasha:  A Big Dick & an Anodized Half Screw C Ring

Perhaps he is wearing a light-weight aluminum cock ring on his shaft. It is light and comfortable so it is easy to wear in the desert heat. It keeps my bull-balls from slapping against my sweaty thighs and my cock and balls lifted up prominently beneath my robes. My religion may ban me from allowing you to see the color of my skin through my clothes but there is nothing prohibiting me from letting interested parties know about the stallion between my legs.

I look back to catch his eyes lingering on mine. I turn around to follow his gently swirling dishdasha. Tonight I am going to find out what lies beneath the flowing robes.


Where to find it: Anodized Half Screw C Ring:


(Photos re-blogged from Tumblr. None of these is Ahmad.)



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