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By gear essentials’ Guest Blogger Tony.

[Jay is still ‘on assignment’ in the Mid-East. Today’s blogger is Tony. He is a silver fox customer and was afraid no one would want to see his pictures. But everyone has fans! Please comment and let Tony know you like his pictures!]


Tony writes:

“Here are another couple of photos for the blog, love them.......

“As you can see that I love my ball weights with large balls. I find it is easier putting them on using silicone lube, and letting them hang. Nice weight, feels great........”

Gear essentials generally recommends that you NOT use lube when putting on ball weights unless you are just wearing them around the house. As things heat up (under your clothes) the lube can become extremely slippery (which is what it’s supposed to do) and the ball stretcher has been known to slide right off. This can be potentially embarrassing (and painful when it lands on your foot)!

However, when you are relaxing around the house with your weights on, it’s perfect.


Tony's Stacked Ball Weights:  the 8 Ounce Brushed Finish & the 1 Lb. PISTON


Pictured above are two ball weights: the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth) brushed finish and the one pound (1” bandwidth) PISTON. They are stacked for more weight and greater pleasure. Putting the heaviest ring on first and then adding the slim 8 ounce is a great way to move up to the next size.

Another customer recently e-mailed that he has great success wearing a Nitrile or Silicone cock ring between his stacked ball weights. The rings acts as ‘bumpers’ to avoid any pinching and they help keep everything in place.



A Rear View of Tony's Ball stretchers by gear essentials


There are a lot of reasons for wearing ball weights—and they feel great!


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


Where to find it:


(Photos were submitted by Tony.)





Hey, Big Daddy: Thanks for your comments. Swinging balls are the best! It sounds like you are ready to move on up. If your balls are still tight try the Omega split ring on for size. Because of the donut shape it makes it easier to slip on—just stack it on top of your 8 Oz. ENJOY!

Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Tony – Since when does a silver fox not want swinging balls? Been wearing the 8 oz daily and need to size up. Great pics!

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