Manahil Writes:  NOT Saving Myself for Marriage


By gear essentials’ Guest Blogger Manahil.

[Jay is still goofing off in the Mid-East. Today’s blogger is Manahil.]


Manahil writes:

I am saving up money for my wedding. My parents and the parents of my intended have met, agreed upon terms and I am engaged. I am looking forward to having sex and children. And sex.

I am forbidden from any intimacy with my intended. In my culture girls are forbidden to even be near boys. We are kept separate. To even look at one another is the crime of intercourse. Kissing could mean prison and would definitely bring shame on my family.

In the meantime, I feel as though I always have an erection. My cock is always hard. I dream of sex. It is all I think about.

My friends and I spend our free time in the souk. We put on our cock rings, trim our pubes, moisturize our skin and dust ourselves with talcum. We adjust our robes carefully before heading out.

We are brothers, my friends and I. We can hold hands, show affection and greet one another with kisses on each cheek.

But my erection still aches.

One friend met a man in the souk, took him to a hidden rooftop, squatted together and fucked him without even taking off his robes.



Not Saving Myself for Marriage:  My Boner Aches in my SurgeBLACK C Ring


Before marriage our only sexual outlet is with other men.  (Although my older brothers and uncles have talked about finding young men for release when their wives are with child.)

We find sex in the souk.  Amongst friends we play the role of predator.  We are finding something to fuck.  Any hole will do as long as it is firm, warm and tight.  "We do not kiss these men!" We joke.  They are mere receptacles for the fruit of life that flows from our loins.

But I have been kissed by men.  At first I kept my lips tight and firm as a seller's purse.  But then one golden man teased my body with his lips, loosened my tension and resolve and then slowly slid his tongue into my mouth.  He nibbled on the inside of my lips and sucked on my tongue.  My arching cock grew even more engorged and I feared I would explode in that moment.

The first few times I met men in the souk and had sex, I exploded within seconds of being touched.  In shame I quickly closed my robes and quickly escaped, looking both ways to make sure no one was seeing my exit.

Now I have learned that our bodies are made for pleasure.  I enjoy the touch of a man's warm hand on my flesh, the feeling of his body hair tickling my back or his tongue drawing a line from the crevice of my bottom up my spine to the nape of my neck.  I yearn to be touched, fondled and loved.


The SSurgeBLACK from Behind:  "I enjoy...his tongue drawing a line
from the crevice of my bottom up my spine to the nape of my neck..."


Where once my passion was released in seconds, now I stay and enjoy the many delights men can share together.  One day my friend Salem and I met another man in his rooms.  This was the 'golden man'.  We enjoyed refreshment and then Salem followed him into the bedroom.  They left the door slightly ajar.  Through the crack I watched them remove their clothes, carefully folding them and placing them on a chair. Our new friend bent over the bed with his buttocks pointed to the sky.  Salem ran his hand down the cleft, lifted his hand to his face, licked his first two fingers and then worked them into his rosebud.  Our new friend moaned and his whole body seemed to twitch. I watched as Salem's cock seemed to bounce up and down as though it had a mind of its own.  Salem's manhood is very large.  He massaged our new friend's hole.  A red flush seemed to cover the man's buttocks.  Salem rubbed lubricant on his manhood and slowly eased it into the tight hole of our new friend. 

My erection surged and pre-cum started heavily leading out of my penis.  The sight of these two handsome men joined together, moving in unison and panting in ecstasy was almost too much for me.  Could we truly be allowed this much pleasure on this earth?  Within minutes Salem and the golden man exploded and then collapsed together on the bed.  Both panted loudly and seemed to be coming out of a meditative state.  I did not want to risk being seen.  I should not be enjoying the sight of two men engaged in sex.  To find a sexual release was one thing but for it to be my fantasy and fuel sexual dreams was quite another.  This is forbidden.

Salem emerged.  It was my turn to go into the room.  I made sure the door was firmly shut and locked.  This was my time.

Our intercourse started out much the same as Salem's.  My manhood stood tall, proud and red in my cockring.  It felt as though all the blood in my body had rushed to this one point--the focus of all of my feelings, emotions and sensations.  I too furiously fucked the golden man.  Having just had an orgasm, his penis was not stiff and full like mine.  However, he ground his body into mine and writhed his tight bottom onto my penis.  Then he stopped, pushed me off and turned around.  With his legs up in the air he invited me to enter again.  This time we were facing one another.  He reached up and stroked the fine hairs around my nipples.  My nipples immediately got hard and pointed.  I had never experienced this sensation.  He dropped one hand to my abdomen and began tracing a path up the hair line that runs from my penis to my throat. Vibrations seemed to emanate from his touch throughout my body.  I started to pump harder and faster and exploded into his tight, willing body.

Exhausted I fell on top of him so our bodies were enmeshed.  Our body hair tickled one another and we reached out and held one another in a tight embrace.  He moved to kiss me. I relaxed slightly and kissed him back.

His hands played up and down my spine.  He ran a hand through my hair and stroked it.  Slowly but surely he worked his magic on me and my mouth relaxed and opened itself up to even more joys.  Electricity sparked through my entire body and is if by some dark magic I felt both of our cocks twitch to life again as though they had a life of their own. 

The golden man lifted me and slide me upwards as his tongue followed the path made by the hair on my abdomen.  He opened his mouth and captured my still-sticky penis inside.  His tongue made an exotic dance around the head of my penis and my breath was stolen from my body.  I exhaled sharply as he found places I did not know existed.  Surely this was of the divine!

My body became heavy as I became limp with the passions that were fighting within me.  He carefully turned me so I was lying on the bed and continued to explore the musky dark places of my body.  With a joint thrust he pushed my legs up and dove his tongue into my rosebud.  I gasped so loudly in pleasure/shock that I feared Salem would hear and run to investigate.  I grabbed a pillow and covered my face to contain the moans of supreme pleasure.  While lost in this land of sexual delight, I suddenly felt the sharp jab of a finger--I sat up to chide the golden man when suddenly I felt it brush a knob inside my channel.  I later discovered that this was the prostate--a gland of magical wonder inside each man.  He rubbed my prostate gently while sucking and licking my large balls.  I had reached the next level of heaven.

"Mahanil," He whispered.  "Do you want more?" 

"Oh, yes!" I whimpered.  "Please!"

Suddenly I felt a sharp, warm burning throughout my middle.  I felt as though I was being cleaved in two in an ancient rite of ritual sacrifice.  This man was dominating me, owning me--this could not happen.  That was the role I was meant to have.  I am the predator!

But I could not stop him.  The feelings of passion, excitement, connection and yes, even love, overwhelmed me.  I opened my legs even wider to allow the golden man full access to all that I am.

The golden man taught me much that day. His fucking taught me how to be a better lover. We continue to see one another and I suspect we will even after I marry. There are just some things that men can do for one another that a woman cannot.


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Did I mention that I will continue to have sex with my brothers?  I know that my place will be with my wife, creating a family and upholding our family honor.  However, I am wise enough to know that there will be times when I need to be with a man; to feel his warm, pulsing penis in my most intimate passage and to co-mingle our love juices.  I love these times of openness and intimacy.  I feel fully alive and fulfilled.


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