Ready to Rumble!?


You are ready to rumble:  you are dressed for combat in your singlet and a stainless steel Titan .6 cockring that encircles and supports your rod. Your body is big and hard, shouldn't your dick be too?

The blood flows to your chubbed-prick in anticipation of the match. The outline of your lengthening cock is clearly visible under the clinging fabric of your singlet. It's a proven fact that men with big dicks have a mental advantage over their opponents and teammates. You go for the take-down. Your opponent is mesmerized by the juicy rod in your singlet so he crumbles easily. Despite the distraction he doesn't go down without a fight.

You catch him in a Head Scissors stretch and his eyes bulge at the mound in your singlet as your thick thighs press against his neck. He pauses to take it all in and then gives a great heave to throw you off. 

You are caught up together and rolling across the mat--bodies pressing hard against each other. The excitement builds and pre-cums starts to pool and then spot your singlet. 

Your opponent catches sight of the big spot making the fabric of your singlet transparent. His resistance crumbles. The match may be over but the night has just begun. There will be a lot more wrestling to come.


Ready to Rumble: Hard Dick in His Titan C Ring


The beefy wrestling stud pictured above looks great in the elegant brushed finished .6 inch bandwidth Titan Cock Ring. He knows what to do with his man-meat and his Titan helps him do it. The Titan has a slim profile, is made of quality stainless steel so it will wear (and look great under a singlet or jeans) for years to come and it does everything a cock ring is supposed to do--keeps the blood flow in your dick so you are harder, fuller and ready for wherever the heat of combat takes you.

The Titan is available in three bandwidths (.2", .4" and the .6" pictured above). Of course it also comes in the standard diameters: 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2" and 2 1/8". Optional finishes include mirrored, which is bright and shiny (I'll admit it--my favorite! I am ADHD...), or the elegant brushed finish. I have even stacked these cock rings to get a wider profile.

And don't forget that glans rings are available in this style as well.

Your body is big and hard, shouldn't your dick be too?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


Where to find it: Titan C Ring: 


 (Photo submitted by customer.)



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