Mideast Mystery & the Anodized Full Screw C Ring


Having been roaming the Mideast over the past week, I have been amazed by the generous warmth of the people and the palatable sexual energy in the air.  Men greet one another with kisses on each cheek and walk down the street arm in arm.  A combination of heat, sand and the tease of men and women nearly completely covered by robes heightens the sexual tension.  The sense of 'forbidden' just heightens the experience.  These are a very sexy people.

However, unlike western cultures, there are few outlets for 'public' sexual expression.  You will have a hard time finding a store that will sell ball weights, cock rings or adult toys.  In fact, many of our customers from the Middle East order their gear to be delivered to their hotels when they are traveling in the west.  Our packages would not make it past the border customs inspection.


Depending On the Country, Many Modern Men Wear Western Dress


This is not to imply that sex doesn't happen.  Despite very strict separation of the sexes before marriage mankind has found ways to scratch their horny itches for millennia!  (Refer to blogs earlier in the week for account of that!)  When we want sex, we will find it.


Boner Beneath the Robe in His Anodized Full Screw C Ring


In the west we are a very youth-oriented culture focused on physique and outward signs of health.  We typically expose a lot of skin and wear styles that leave little to the imagination.  Perhaps this is why there is so much interest in what is happening beneath the loose robes.  And maybe that is why they are just so darn sexy--the mystery! 

What do they wear underneath?  (We ask the same about men in kilts--and if they are the real deal, they wear nothing at all!)  However, due to religious restrictions, folk in the Middle East wear at least two more layers beneath their robes.  The rule is that you are not supposed to be able to tell what color their skin is under there.  For men, in addition to loose underwear they wear long pants underneath (these may be like pajama bottoms, jeans or western style slacks).

The man above has kindly exposed himself in all of his glory for us.  He is wearing an anodized Full Screw as a shaft ring.



Red on Red:  The Full Screw Anodized Aluminum C Ring by gear essentials


Crafted of solid aluminum right here in Minnesota (USA), the Full Screw penis ring is a comfortable, light-weight ring (slightly over 2 ounces / 67 grams) that is then dipped to produce a striking blue or red finish. Available only in the Screw Series, you can get yours in the Quarter Screw (.3 inches / 8mm), Half Screw (.6 inches / 15 mm) or Full Screw (pictured here, .9 inches / 23 mm).

These rings are perfect for wearing under tight clothing. They are so light and comfortable that you might just forget you have it on (until things get exciting--then you will HUGELY appreciate the support!) The Full Screw features the ROBO collection’s signature interior comfort fit. Perfectly designed and balanced for easy work-all-day/play-all-night wear.  Plus you will feel how much thicker and better supported your dick is.


A Close Up:  The Aluminum Anodized Full Screw C Ring in Red by gear essentials


What is Anodizing?

This penis ring is made of quality aluminum in the USA and then anodized. Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process in which a coat of color is added to the solid aluminum ring. The process finishes the metal and is environmentally-friendly. The by-products contain no heavy metals, halogens or volatile organic compounds. In addition to vibrant color, the process hardens the surface and thereby increases corrosion and wear resistance.

This is the real thing. .9 inches (23 mm) wide with gleaming ridges, you will want to add this new twist to your tool kit.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT (Limited availability): Anodized Full Screw C Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/full-screw-anodized-cock-ring


 (Photos submitted by customers.)






DAmn love the red on red- and the guy is super HOT- love to play iwth his boner beneath the robe



When I was in Saudi Arabia on business (as a guest – one has to be invited in order to go there) it was hot. I’m from Arizona and even I wilted in the 120F heat. Business attire is required. You can’t go down to shorts and a tank top. So my option was to go native. I got kitted out in a those, complete with kufi (cap), ghotra (head scarf) and eval ) the double rope that holds the headgear together. Man, was that the way to go. It’s ventilated yet protects from the sun. If it would not cause a big stir in AZ, I’d wear that here all summer. It’s very practical and quite elegant as well. They are anything but dumb over there!

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