Heavy Metal:


We are in love with glans rings.  We love the way they look and most importantly how they feel.  Guest blogger JerryM e-mailed me earlier today and asked, "So you think a glans ring? Hmm. Still thinking about that one. But... Why?"

(You may remember his blog "But...Why?"  This one is always asking questions!)

My response:

"Glans ring.  Remember your comment about 'why wait'?  Why wait to experience the pleasure of a glans ring bobbing on the end of your dick.  You know how your dick gets chubbed up when you wear your cock ring?  Well, with a glans ring the head of your dick gets even bigger.  And as you walk around it gently massages the lovely nerve endings just beneath the head of your dick.  It is a wonderful feeling and rightly has been called a 'mini hand-job in your pants'.  It's awesome!  I would highly recommend that you get a Titan .4--it really does the trick and will look great with your existing 'collection!'  : )

"Don't you deserve the pampering?!"

Heavy Metal:  The Kissing Men are Wearing:
Right:  Anodized Quarter Screw (see yesterday's blog) & Quarter Screw Glans Ring
Left:  Stacked Strut sandwiched between Titan .2 C Rings & Titan .4 Head Ring


Notice how the guy with the erection has a pumped up dick head?  This is what happens when you are hard.  Your dick is already chubbed up from your cock ring (remember, blood flows in and the penis ring keeps it all from rushing right out again) but the glans ring makes your dick head even bigger than normal!  It is totally hot. 

The hung flaccid guy has our heaviest head ring on--the Titan .4.  This one really gets the senses roiling because of the weight as it bobs on the end of your dick.  With every step it moves against your nerve endings resulting in the sensation of a 'mini hand-job in your pants'.

Aaron from Ohio agrees.  He wrote:  "How does it feel? Pretty much amazing. I was skeptical of the description "feels like a little hand job" while walking... but it actually does. I also enjoy the constant feeling of weight on my cock and my dick does stand out more."

Love the way you feel--and feel the love!

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(Photo by David Lee.  Find David @ http://www.davidaleephotography.com/)



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