Have you ever noticed that when your dick is stimulated the electricity sparks throughout your entire body? This electrical current can be sparked by a ball weight tugging on your nads, glans ring tickling the tender nerve endings under the head of your dick or your cock ring chubbing up your rod. These all achieve different levels of stimulation but the cock ring is my ‘go to’ first step--the foundation on which everything else is built. Once I put my cockring on my prick puffs up and tingles. I can feel this fullness when I'm walking or sitting. Throughout my day, electric pulses run up my spine and radiate through my core reminding me of the power that rumbles between my legs.

It's simple science: a cock ring restricts the blood in your dick so you stay thicker, longer, harder and more sensitive.  KD from Nebraska wrote the following review on gearessentials.com: This was my first ring. And girlfriend love how it makes my cock bigger.”

A cock ring does make your dick bigger (both flaccid and erect). Your partner will definitely notice.


Fill 'er Up! Thicker, Fuller & Harder with the Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


Want to get better head?  Pop on a cockring.
The Imperial is a great choice--often copied but the original cannot be beat! Elegantly crafted to curve gently around your precious bits and give you support and strength when you need it. gear essentials' American-made stainless steel cock rings in the Imperial Series are designed in the shape of a flattened donut so they offer heft while leaving plenty of room for well-muscled man-thighs. It weighs in a slightly over 6 ounces (171 grams) but with its smooth and comfortable fit, you will barely know it.
What man doesn't want to be thicker, fuller and harder--and command the attention he deserves?

A Close-Up: Chubbed Up by an Imperial by gear essentials


The way the Imperial penis ring 'chubs up' his dick in the picture above is impressive. It makes you want to reach out and touch (just like his buddy). Imagine cupping his big balls as you get closer to the thick shaft of his cock. One had slides up his torso to tweak a nipple as you watch his dick stretch and harden. Blood pours into his lengthening rod as you both grow more excited. The Imperial keeps the blood from escaping so he stays long and hard. Is that a drop of pre-cum glistening from his piss-slit? You crouch down to inspect. One thing leads to another when you are wearing a cock ring...

Fill 'er up! Check out the Imperial C Ring by gear essentials--and get the hard-on you deserve!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: Imperial C Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/imperial



(First photo re-posted from Tumblr; second photo by Richard Yates.)



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