It feels great to have a little "Something extra" between your thighs.  The tug and twist are hyper-erotically stimulating--especially when you are lifting weights.  We received this message via the gear essentials' Facebook page the other day:

'Have had my gear for just 2 days...ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED beyond any expectation. Fits great. No problem with my rigorous workout at the gym. Easy clean/dry. Great sensation of that "something extra" between my thighs.'

We LOVE hearing that!


"Something Extra" Between His Thighs:  32 Ounce Ball Weight by gear essentials


The big dick wrapped in a hot red jock and 32 ounce ball stretcher (gear essentials' biggest) pictured above is quite the MONSTER!  This is a man who knows how to maximize the sensory pleasures available to his cock.  Between the Prince Albert and his ball weight he is on overload! When he reaches orgasm his ejaculation will be delayed and more intense because his ball sack cannot retract upwards. The feeling is incredible!

Our happy customer (quoted above) ordered a ball weight and then several days later ordered another one. (I wonder if he is stacking them for more weight?) I love wearing it when I work out--the tug and swing is amazing! (Cardio brings me to the edge of cumming though!)

Working out makes me horny.  Working out with my ball weight on makes me even hornier!  Imagine all that horniness wrapped up in a ball weight as you strut your chubbed cock through the showers at the gym.  You will get a lot of attention.  There is a guy at my gym who showers with his glans ring on--everyone knows who he is.  (You could say that it pays to 'stick out'!)

(One word of caution: the male connector between the two halves will need to be thoroughly dried to avoid rust. This is only an issue if you shower or swim with it on. If you do swim with it on, just make sure you dry it off.  If you don't have time, just use some steel wool later--it won't take a lot of time and it's relatively simple maintenance.)

Enjoy "Something Extra"! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: 32 Ounce Ball Weight:


(Picture re-posted from Tumblr.)


(Photo re-posted from Tumblr.)




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