The Omega.

It's a hunk of metal; smooth, completely round and almost artistic in its simplicity.  This is one of gear essentials' top-selling cock rings.  It's also our heaviest weighing in at slightly over 11 ounces (312 grams).  There is a rock-solid comfort that gives rock-solid support to your rock-solid erection.

Al from Texas agrees.  He recently wrote the following on"I have to say I was a bit nervous ordering a ring, never really thought about one before. I was looking to spice up our sex life, and it definitely did just that!! I ordered the 2 1/8" initially and it felt good but opted for the 2" at a later date both fit well but that 1/8" inch makes a huge difference! (in a good way) I love the way it absorbs my body heat and the slight tug that reminds me it is there is a welcomed benefit! My wife is a huge fan and in her words my member " feels delicious" ha-ha. So thanks for making a great product with great workmanship, as someone in the machining industry I appreciate the work and detail these rings are crafted with."

Al's wife is a huge fan (and Al is just huge in his Omega penis ring!) 

And why not?  Your cock stays harder so the sex is better. Both women and men comment that being fucked (as the bottom) with a cock ring on feels better. There is more beefiness to fill up that hole. There is length to reach depths that have gone untouched. There is more power and force for a hotter ride! The hard stainless steel also hits the taint (which is an amazing erogenous zone) for even more pleasure for your partner. It will keep them coming back for more!

Al also pointed out that he re-ordered the ring one size smaller.  Because of its weight, it's a good idea to go one size smaller than normal.  When your rod is flaccid a heavier ring can gravitate down your shaft which then tugs your balls down as well. This is not a look I care for. I like my cock ring snug against my pubes. Because of the donut-shape, the area of the ring that touches your dick is really quite narrow so that when you get hard you won’t feel like it is tighter than normal when wearing the smaller size in the Omega.


The Omega C Ring by gear essentials:  The Thicker Picker-Upper
The Omega is available in mirrored (as shown) or the satin brushed finish. It also comes in a 1 5/8" size.
Couldn't you use a thicker picker-upper?  Pick it up with an Omega cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Picture re-posted from Tumblr.  Al is not pictured.)


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Indeed! I have the brushed ss one and absolutely love it! The weight is fantastic and (as a bottom) I love the light tugging on my cock and balls. I have low hangers thanks to your ball weights. And the combination of the two is just “amazballs”!

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