The Perfect Boy Toy:  The Titan .2 C Ring


We love selfies!  Social commentators complain about the Millennial Generation's propensity for self-aggrandizement. But we're all for it!

If you really want to 'aggrandize' yourself, get thee into a cock ring. Blood flows in and your cock ring keeps it from escaping back out again. Your dick is thicker, harder, longer, fuller and more sensitive. And MUCH more photogenic!

Put your best foot forward!


The Perfect Boy Toy: The Titan .2 C Ring by gear essentials


An anonymous reviewer posted the following comment on"After an exploratory phase of cheaper nickel and rubber rings of various sizes, I finally discovered the Titan; most likely the best ring manufactured on the planet. These rings are a bit costly but the quality is second to none and they look and feel so damn good. I have all three sizes of the Titan. My experience with larger diameter rings always had me wishing for smaller, and have settled on 1 3/4 for all of them. Initially starting with the .2, it's perfect for all day wear and great as a first experience..."

The Titan .2 penis ring is ring is a great first experience.  It is narrow with a slightly tapered edge so you will find it comfortable.  It is a solid stainless steel ring that will last years and years. There is no chrome coating to peel or corrode so you can wear it in the pool or hot tub (just rinse of thoroughly if they are treated with bromides). The Titan is known for its clean lines and simplicity of style. It comes in two finishes: Mirror or Brushed.

The Titan is also available in .4 inch and .6 inch bandwidths. This makes it a great cockring for stacking with other Titans or styles for a wider look and style that is uniquely yours.

Want the perfect boy toy?  Check out the Titan cock ring--you will enjoy the results!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!

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