Hot Daddy's Double-Ringed


I love to feel my junque bounce and twist when I'm double-ringed. Double-ringing is when you are wearing a cock ring and ball weight. The hot daddy pictured below is an example of this.

He is keeping his dick harder--in fact he is well on his way to a full-blown hard-on. Blood flows into his prick and is restricted from leaving so he stays thicker and harder. His dick is also more sensitive to every touch--so sex is much more intense for him (as well as for his partner). 

Add a ball weight and it gets even better! A ball stretcher weighs your ball sac down so you feel every twist and pull--which for many is an erotic experience in itself. But it also keeps your balls from retracting upwards into your body just before you cum. As a result your orgasm is delayed and intensified. Many men report that they have bigger loads too. It is a mind-blowing way to blow your wad!


Double-Ringed Daddy:  Imperial C Ring & 8 Oz. Ball Weight by gear essentials


He's rocking the Imperial cock ring--at 6 ounces it is considered a mid-range weight. But all of its surfaces are smooth and rounded for supreme comfort.  You will love wearing this ring. Enjoy it in the brushed or mirrored finish.

The ball weight is gear essentials' smallest--at only 8 ounces it still gives you enough pull to get an electrical current of erogenous pleasure as you walk and move but it isn't so heavy that you will grow tired of it. Created of solid stainless as a split ring, it is secured by an Allen screw to minimize the risk of it falling off at a bad time!

The double-ring combo is a one-two punch! You will have a self-awareness, heightened horniness and power that will astound you AND your partner!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Picture submitted by customer.)



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