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It isn't very often that I am left speechless.

However, this review (posted by "K" from Ohio on on March 23rd) left me without words: 

"Few and far between is the product one might deems "essential" for such an act as natural as sex...but the Gear Essentials Imperial cockrings are just that.

"I firmly believe that every man of significant length and/or width needs a high-quality cockring to keep them at their firmest.

"Although I am a young man in my 20's, I am blessed (or cursed) with a bit too much girth, and these rings have enabled me to maintain my erection diamond-hard throughout every stage of sex.

"I currently own several Imperials, both in the mirror and brushed finishes, from the 2 1/8 all the way down to the 1 3/4. I normally use one at a time, but I also occasionally use them for stacking. I rarely use the smallest size as it becomes incredibly tight around my particular girth. Men who have a substantial thickness needn't worry about these heavy boys falling off your cock, however I believe that men on the thinner side will do just fine with the small-diameter fit. The response time of gear essentials customer service is spot-on, so any sizing questions should be answered quickly. My current favorite diameters bounce between the 2" and 1 7/8" in both brushed and mirror.

"The brushed rings are probably my go-to as I love the matte look; it contrasts nicely with the glisten of a fat cock burred deep inside a tight ass or stretched womanhood. Trust me. Even when slathered with lube, it still retains its subtle appearance with each stroke.

"The mirror is flashy in every positive sense. I like to use it best on my private outdoor land or in a similar well-lit area where it can catch a bit of light. When you lock one of these mirrored jewels behind your nuts, your partner (or sub) can't help but worship it's ferocity. I'd recommend trying both in similar situations and seeing what you like.
"I particularly enjoy the "heft" of the imperial series; I plan on purchasing a set of various Omegas at the earliest convenience and review them as well. In my opinion, if you have a girth of 6"+, then don't be afraid to go even heavier.

"My previous purchases were put to good use over the past few months; I really wanted to take the time to break my rings in with vigorous "testing". Let's say there are a few orifices freshly outlined with an "Imperial" imprint; the rings hold up stunningly. I'm quite discerning when it comes to anything like this. The quality is superior in every way, and the feeling of "heft" on the shaft is divine. It certainly adds extra "oomph" in each thrust when you slam it home. Gear Essential's quality and heft of ring is admirable, and I am sure anyone similar to myself can appreciate my disdain for the average dime-store sex shop's paltry selection of "rings". I wouldn't dream of using such a product on myself, let alone in the act of dominance with my lovers. Truly, their Imperial "gear" has become my "essential".

"Try it out and I'll bet you'll reflect my sentiments."
gear essentials' 'Imperial "gear" has become my "essential".'


The stud pictured above is NOT "K" from Ohio but he still wears his Imperial well.  Like all of our cock rings, it will keep your dick chubbed and ready for action!  Once the blood starts flowing, your prick will be thicker and harder.

One think "K" mentioned that I have been experimenting with lately, is that he has cock rings ranging in size from 1 3/4" to 2 1/8". I have found that the tighter the penis ring is the harder my dick gets--and stays. (Obviously, this is awesome for sex but not as conducive for wear-all-day comfort.) I am finding that my only limitation is the size of my balls!

Isn't about time some of our "gear" has become your "essential"?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. "K" is not pictured.)



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