I have been playing with cock ring sizes.  We have known for quite a while that you can easily wear one size smaller in the Omega.  Because of its round donut-shape, there isn't that much of the cockring that actually connects with your penis when you are flaccid.  I was wearing  a size smaller than normal when I thought I would see if I could go even smaller. 
I can.
I'll admit it takes some patience to get my second ball through the ring--and plenty of soap (when I'm in the shower) to get the head of my dick through.  But once I get it on, man, is it worth it!  I love that it is snugger.  I chub up even more than usual.  My buddy, the retired Chippendale dancer, told me that they keep their packages huge by 'tying off' their cocks.  Sounds painful--and for all-day-wear I think it would be.  But this ring is fitting me just right--it really hits a sweet spot.
Al from Texas also tried going one size down.  He recently reviewed the Omega on gearessentials.com"I have to say I was a bit nervous ordering a ring, never really thought about one before. I was looking to spice up our sex life, and it definitely did just that!! I ordered the 2 1/8" initially and it felt good but opted for the 2" at a later date both fit well but that 1/8" inch makes a huge difference! (in a good way) I love the way it absorbs my body heat and the slight tug that reminds me it is there is a welcomed benefit! My wife is a huge fan and in her words my member " feels delicious" ha-ha. So thanks for making a great product with great workmanship, as someone in the machining industry I appreciate the work and detail these rings are crafted with.
Hard & Ready to be Felt:  the Omega C Ring in Mirrored Finish
Any cock ring will keep some blood flow restricted in your cock.  But the tighter it is the more blood is restricted resulting in an even bigger and harder dick.  We have had guys order two sizes of a penis ring--one for every day wear and one to wear just for sex.  They have found that a tighter cock ring boosts their performance (and it "feels delicious"!)

The Omega is perfect for fucking too. With 11 ounces of solid stainless steel on your rod, you bring more power and passion into the love game. Women report that the added weight as well as the feeling of the hard ring glancing off their erogenous zones makes for an unforgettable fuck.

Feels Delicious:  Close-up of the Brushed-finish Omega

The guy pictured above is a customer from IML (International Mr. Leather). He couldn’t wait to slip his new Omega on his hardening cock. Of course he had to make sure it would fit when he was erect. (It did!)

Keep your cock harder and ready for action.  When you have it on you know they'll want to reach out and touch...and rest assured it will 'feel delicious'!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: Omega Cock Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/omega



(First photo re-blogged from Tumblr. Second photo by Jay Williams.)



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