Double-Ringed:  Let it FLY!


At the bottom of this lad's fly is quite a package!

He's double-ringed in an Imperial cock ring and stacked ball weights. His dick is plump and ready for action because his cock ring is keeping the blood flow inside his pendulous prick. It's juicy and ready for action.

But the fact that he's wearing over two pounds of stainless steel on his balls doesn't hurt either. I know that when I put my ball weights on I pop an instant boner. I love the tug, twist and pull on my nads as I walk and move around. I like to play with my balls while masturbating or during sex; when I wear a ball stretcher I don't have to. This leaves a hand free to pay attention to other things!

The ball weights also make cumming more intense. They stop your testicles from pulling up and retracting as your body is gearing up to shoot a load. As a result orgasms are delayed, more intense and some guys report shooting a bigger load.


Double-Ringed:  Ball Weights & the Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


Crank up the intensity of your sex play. Want better sex? It's only a stainless steel penis ring and ball weight away!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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