May:  National Masturbation Month


May is National Masturbation Month in the US and it's about time! This is a good time to remember to take time to love yourself. As a kid growing up I was taught that masturbating was wrong (I had a 'fundy' upbringing). Despite that there were days when I would jack off three times a day. 


How Many Times have You Masturbated Today?


It was during this time that I figured out what felt good to me and what I like. Each dick is different and we all have different erogenous zones and triggers. We also have different styles. Some guys use both hands to form a 'tube'. Others use one hand while using the other hand to twist their nuts, probe the prostate or tweak their nips. Others enjoy frotting (rubbing their cock against their sheets or another person). In a pinch (when stranded without my Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream) I have used a sweat sock. 



Do it Yourself or Use a Ball Stretcher to Give you the Tug You Love!


As we figure out what we love, we can start to incorporate toys to make jacking off more satisfying: 

  • a P-Spot massager instead of your finger to rub that pleasure knob

  • wearing a ball weight to stretch, twist, tug and pull on your nads
  • wear tit clamps on a chain to tweak your nips

  • use a Fleshlight to provide a more complete 'encirclement' of your cock for greater sensations
  • pop a glans ring on to tickle the sensitive nerve-endings below your knob

  • using a favorite lube to keep your tool greased and going steady


Or you can just crank one out in the tub and get it over with!


Whatever you do, it's important to take the time to touch and love yourself.  Doctors recommend that we cum daily just to keep things healthy. A good whack before bed induces a release of chemicals in your body that helps you fall asleep. It also provides a sensation of well-being. It's a good thing....

I have mentioned before that I love Swiss Navy's Premium Masturbation Cream.  This stuff is a miracle in a big tube (which, even if you jack-off every day during the month of May will last you well into June!)  When you first put it on your prick you may think, "Meh!  This is nothing special."  But as you stroke and the cream spreads out over your dick it starts to warm under the heat and friction of your hand. I have edged with this cream for nearly an hour and have not needed to re-apply. You can spit--but you'll keep spitting--or use another kind of lube but everything else I've tried has needed additional doses to keep things moving smoothly. (And yes, we sell it but we carry it because I love it!)


Keeping it Harder with a Titan .4 Cock Ring by gear essentials


Of course, we are HUGE proponents of wearing a cock ring during sex (whether solo or with a partner). Blood is restricted into your cock so you are bigger (which creates an interesting sensation when you are jacking off) as well as more sensitive to the touch. You may not care how big and thick your dick gets with a penis ring on (we can save those attributes for when you are having sex with others) but the benefits that a ring provides are still amazing when having solo sex. Even if you're just enjoying a quick whack in the shower to relieve the sexual-horny-tension, a cock ring will make it feel that much better!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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Since age 11 I have hardly missed a day. Sometimes, I have cranked out several in a single day. It’s pleasurable, stress-relieving and we now know it i every healthy for the prostate and other male plumbing to keep a good flow through it. On the practical side, it’s very cheap, pleasurable entertainment. Sex is great but when I need some and I’m alone, solo sex it is and yeah that Swiss Navy lube is great for it!

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