Switch-Hit:  Double-Ringed or Stacked


I got an AHA e-mail from a customer yesterday.  He is an engineer so he analyzes things and looks at life from a different lobe.  He sent the following e-mail that struck me speechless (not easily done) due to its sheer brilliancy!

"I'm loving my ball weight. I've even been stacking the Master with it to get a little extra stretch when things are riding low. I hadn't thought about it before I got the ball weight, but it is easy to switch the Master from c-ring to ball weight once I have the ball weight on below it. That way, if I don't want the extra tug, I can easily pull my cock through and go from stacked weight to double-ringed. My main OCD issue with it is my ball weight is brushed finish and my Master is mirror...I wish they were the same!"

I'll admit it.  I had to read this twice.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!  SO smart.  On those days when I am feeling like a little extra stretch wear a heavy cock ring above my ball weight.  And then if I get 'ball fatigue' just slip the head (followed by the shaft) of my dick through the cockring to wear what was a ball weight as a penis ring.  (For the newbies--'double-ringed' refers to wearing a ball weight and a cock ring at the same time.)  No muss/no fuss/no ball fatigue!

I wish I'd thought of that.

But I didn't--but I'm still sharing it with you all!


Stacked but Easily Double-Ringed:  Omega & a 16 Oz. Ball Weight


He also taught me a new word:  Toroidal.  I know it sounds like a glandular condition but it means 'donut-shaped'!  I told him that I am really sick of writing donut-shaped when discussing the Omega (he was e-mailing to discuss sizing of our heaviest C Ring).  You know I'm going to be using this word.

The benefit of stacking the Omega cock ring is that it weighs 11 ounces with an almost 2/3" bandwidth while our 1/2" bandwidth ball stretcher weighs 8 ounces.  You get a lot more weight in a slightly wider package.  And because of its shape it is easier to slide your dick through to 'double-ring' it when you also have a ball weight on.   

Man, it was a good day!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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