Master the Art of C Attitude


Got attitude? 

You've earned it. 

Master of your universe? Want to show the world that bigger is better? 

The Master cock ring will do just that. It is gear essentials' second heaviest solid stainless steel penis ring with a weight of slightly over 8 ounces (228 grams).

It features a no-nonsense square design that doesn't take any more shit than you do.

I was talking with a retailer a few weeks ago and he said the Master is his 'go to' cockring.  It's got solid weight, hot attitude and he can wear it comfortably all day.


Got Attitude?  Keeping it Chubbed in the Master C Ring


It's a great ring.  Michael J. from Minneapolis wrote the following on (and includes some great sizing tips):  "I just got the engraved version of this ring, but I'm going talk about the fit here so guys see it when they check out this page. I LOVE this ring already--haven't taken it off. I'd found with my Imperial that sometimes it was too heavy and wanted to slide free. Since this one is even heavier, I took a chance and ordered the Master at 2" instead of my usual 2 1/8". The fit is perfect and I don't have to worry about the weight causing it to fall off. With its rounded edges, it's extremely comfortable, too. It feels great and looks impressive--this is your statement ring.

"My suggestion to guys is this: if you're ordering one of the heavier rings, try a size smaller. I've found the lightweight ones (aluminum, Titan .2) pretty much stay put, but the heavy ones have a tendency to slip downwards when your boys get warm. I might even get another Imperial, but at 2". This probably shouldn't be your first ring (it's my tenth from the boys at Gear!), but once you've experienced a few of their other high quality rings, I bet you'll soon be adding it to your collection!"


Show off your bigger attitude!  Slip on the Master C Ring and we promise you'll be slipping on other things too.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Master Cock Ring:


(Photo submitted by customer.)



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