My Titan C Ring:


"...indiscreetly in my pants wherever I go."

What makes a man a man?  You would get twenty different answers from twenty different people but one obviously unique thing about men is the appendage that hangs between their legs.

And this makes us very happy.

We are all about helping men increase pleasure and discover a better sex life.  We love it when we get comments like this one from Clay in Texas. 

He wrote:  "My .4 Bright Mirror Titan cock ring with 1 7/8" inside diameter is a perfect fit. The finish is smooth with perfect craftsmanship. The diameter is perfect - measurement as advised is important - it won't squeeze the hell out of your nuts and it stays in place 24/7 around your nut sack. I love wearing it all day long with no one knowing I'm having a grand time indiscreetly in my pants wherever I go. I especially love wearing my Titan cock ring with my cargo shorts without underwear. I enjoy the touch of my cock ring with a little pressure on the sides surrounding my nuts and topping my cock reminding me of the manhood I once had at 18 years of age. Perfect fitting cock ring!"

 Perfect fit and a grand time!  Who can ask for more than that?


The Brushed Finish Titan .4 C Ring by gear essentials


The Titan cockring comes in two finishes (brushed, as shown above, and mirrored), three bandwidths (.2, .4 and .6 inches) and multiple diameters.  In fact, we are in the process of manufacturing two new sizes in the Titan .4:  1 1/2" and 2 1/4" diameter.  Our customers have been asking for shaft rings AND for wider diameters (there are some REALLY big boys out there!)  We are listening.  Depending on demand, we may extend sizes in some other lines as well.

Why are the guys clamoring for more sizes?  A cock ring lifts your balls and dick, pulls it front and forward so it is more prominent.  It also keeps the blood restricted in your prick so you stay thicker--even when you are flaccid.  (We call it putting your best...foot--or half foot--forward!)  During sex you will feel more alive and in touch with your manhood.  Not only will you fill your partner up with a lovestick offering more passion but you will be more sensitive as well.  Want to go a second round?  Let your Titan .4 cock ring help you out!

Crafted of solid stainless steel in the US, the Titan series (also available in glans rings) is a lower profile featuring rounded edges for amazing work-all-day / play-all-night comfort.  You will love the support and how hot it makes your package look!

You will have a grand time!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer.)



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