Double-Ringed:  How & Why?  Reviews Tell All


We've been talking a lot about double-ringing (wearing both a cock ring and a ball weight) this past week. It's a look (and more importantly a feel) that we like a lot around here.

Some guys have trouble wearing both a penis ring and a ball stretcher. If your ball sac is high and tight your ball weight may rub against your cock ring (where shaft and balls meet the torso). This may be unavoidable until you get a bit more stretch going (this often happens naturally in warmer weather). There are a couple of options to avoid that:

  • Wear a thinner cock ring
  • Wear a medical-grade plastic or Nitrile cock ring
  • Wear a Nitrile penis ring above your ball weight--this acts as a bumper so at least you won't click and clack as you walk!  (This also works really well between stacked cock rings.)
  • Trim pubic and scrotal hair so it doesn't get pulled and pinched


This sounds like a lot of work.  Why bother?!

This doesn't happen to everyone. I spend the majority of my waking hours wearing both a cockring and a ball weight. I can now wear a 24 ounce ball stretcher but generally only wear an 8 - 16 ounce weight (1/2 to 1" bandwidth) leaving considerable 'drop' to my ball sac so my stretcher doesn't bump against my cock ring. (Three years ago I started with an 8 ounce weight.)  The longer you wear a ball weight (and the heavier it is) the more drop you will get to your sac which will eliminate the problem.


So what are the benefits of wearing both a cock ring and a ball weight?

The cock ring is a man basic. It keeps the blood flow in your dick so you remain thicker even when not aroused. When you do get horned up things really take off!  Your prick gets thicker, harder and longer than normal. A lot of guys also report that they stay hard even after they cum. In addition, due to the stretch your nerve endings seem to become even more alive--you become more sensitive to every touch, stoke, lick and tickle.


The Titan .6 C Ring Keeping this Fucking Prick Thick & Hard


The ball weight adds another amazingly erotic dimension. Your balls are pulled down and away from your body and are subject to the tug and twist of the solid metal hugging your nads. This can add a very sexually-charged dimension to your play. Additionally, it keeps your balls from retracting up towards your torso as you get ready to release your load. As a result your orgasm is delayed, intensified and, for many, you cum more.

Talk about tons of jizz, Buckeye from the Midwest enthused: "I love this thing :) I have both the 16 n 24oz ball weights. This is amazing!!!!! It makes my cock instantly HARD n BULGING from the extra weight tugging on my balls. After wearing this great stretcher for 2-3 hours it makes my balls hang lower and gives me a longer, thicker boner which has lasted me as long as I wear the ball stretcher. Sometimes it tough to not cum! Walking around the house naked and swinging my heavy balls around makes me shoot cum! Huge loads and long strands. Word of warning the cum may shoot farther then expected and go into places that are difficult to reach if you need to clean it......wink wink LOL! Having sex and wearing this amazing ball weight gives the sex that extra WOW factor. Next will be the 8 n 32oz."

Stephen from Syndey, Australia wrote:  "Awesome is an understatement. After 2 months wearing an 8oz ball weight on work days in a labor intensive job I've upsized after hours & have no regrets. The larger diameter weights I ordered in both 8 & 16oz weights fits me better than I expected & adds extra swing."

Dennis from Tusket, California added:  "I'm enjoying the 16oz ball weight that I bought and hoping to buy more, I wear it all day at work and night in bed. I'm love the pulling from it..."


Double-Ringed:  Master C Ring & 16 Oz. Ball Weight by gear essentials


The man pictured above is wearing the 16 ounce (1" bandwidth) ball stretcher along with his Master penis ring. William from Florida commented:  "This was my first ring (of 5) from Gear Essentials. Love it! I wear it daily, pretty much 24/7. Top quality, nice weight, and flawless finish. Every one that sees it asks where I got it.....and I tell them."

Want better sex--whether solo or with others? The key is right here! But don't take our word for it. Steve from Arizona wrote the following in his review of the 24 ounce ball weight:   "It definitely does what most reviews have mentioned, tugs on the balls and keeps them down low for a mind blowing orgasm...  If you are on the fence with the ball weights, get off it! You will get off more intensely with a weight strapped on your balls..."

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Master Cock Ring:

Titan Cock Ring:

16 Ounce Ball Weight:


(Photos submitted by customers.)



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