The Titan .6 C Ring:  Such a Tease....


Daddy is SUCH a tease in his holey underwear!  What do you think he is after?!

We will admit that the hard dick in his Titan .6 cock ring grabbed our attention.

When you wear this cockring (in either the brushed or mirrored finish) you will get plenty of attention.  It pulls your package together and thrusts it forward and up so it takes center stage.  When it's time for action it keeps the blood in your prick so you stay thicker, harder and longer.  The result?  You can go the distance and leave your partner breathless!

John from Phoenix writes:  "I've bought a few lesser cockrings over the years but this is the real deal. The Titan 0.6" is beautifully made, looks great, thrusts my gear forward so it can be seen doting the day and takes sex to a whole new level in the bedroom. It kept me harder and thicker while being very comfortable. My partner reported feeling me throbbing pleasantly. I was able to concentrate on my partner's pleasure rather than on my own performance AND it kept me hard a long time after I came so we could stay together longer after the big event. This is just awesome and I intend to buy other series to enjoy. I thought an all day cockring was impossible to find but once you get the size right, this is the one. I have it on right now and will wear it to work today."


Rear View Tease:  The Titan .6 Cock Ring by gear essentials


This is the real deal--and John knows what he is talking about when he says that it is comfortable for all day wear.  The Titan is gear essentials' lowest profile penis ring.  While it may be low-to-the-ground it still has nicely rounded edges for optimum comfort.  And the solid stainless steel construction will last for years--even with regular 'abuse'!

Whether you are a tease, flirt or you just come right out and go for what you want, the Titan cock ring will help you be your sexual best.  Grab the ring and GO!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer.)



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