Ringed & Begging to be Held


We posted a hot pictured of these two in yesterday's blog Cleaning Up for IML. We predicted that something would pop out of Heath's Riot Lace-up Jock Brief--look below and you will see that we were right!

We have noticed an interesting cock ring phenomenon. Whenever you wear a penis ring your dick gets (and stays) chubbed up. (The science behind this is that blood flows in and keeps the cushy membranes in your penis fuller. As you get excited your dick becomes even bigger than usual.) When your dick is chubbed up, folks just can't keep their hands off it! In addition, when you are in the locker room at the gym, nude beach or after party people will stop you and ask about your interesting cock accessories. And they’ll probably want to touch. It’s your call whether or not you’ll let them!


Begging to Be Held:  Strut and Brushed Imperial Cock Rings by gear essentials


Our buddies (pictured above) are wearing two of my favorites:  The super-sexy and architecturally-inspired Strut and the brushed stainless Imperial cock rings.

The Strut has some very cool cuts and angles--and yet it is smooth enough to be comfortably worn under tight jeans. It's only .4 inches (10 mm) wide and weighs slightly under 3 ounces so you won't feel weighed down. Both of these rings are solid stainless steel so they are durable and will give you years and years of pleasure!

I love wearing the Strut in between two Titan .2 cock rings—this stacked combination is an amazingly powerful and sensual look.

Heath is wearing the Imperial.  It is solid, rounded and caresses your skin. It’s double the weight of the Strut coming in at slightly over 6 ounces. It is .62 inches (15.75 mm) wide--yet the edges are so round that you never have to worry about pinching or biting (we believe it is best to leave that to your sexual partner!)

And you can see that Heath's dick has popped out of his CellBlock 13 Riot Lace-up Jock Briefs--we predict more of this behavior at International Mr. Leather (IML) as well!  

Stop by and say hello--we will be with Heath at the gear essentials' booth at IML in Chicago next weekend. We hope to see you there!  Just ask and we'll show you our cock rings. And you know our dicks will be chubbed and begging to be held!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by David Lee:  http://www.davidaleephotography.com/ )



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