New to C Rings?  Try the Titan...& Introducing Some New Titans!


We received the following e-mail yesterday:  "I'm new to cockrings. Do you have a suggestion for a beginner?  Do I need to work up to the weight of a SS ring?"


My response:  "My first rigid cock ring was actually the Imperial.  It's awesome because it is really well rounded and weighs slightly over 6 ounces (a bit over 1/3 pound).  It really doesn't feel heavy because of the way it rests against your pubes but you will definitely know you have it on.  It's not small but because it is shaped like a really smooth squashed donut there are no harsh edges--it's just smooth and comfortable all over.

"If you are worried that it might be too much, a great basic choice is the Titan .4.  It is .4 inches (10 mm) wide and has a low-profile.  The edges are still very round so again--no pinching.  You might benefit from reading a couple of reviews on the Titan page..."


Titan .4:  "Comfortable...Gorgeous....What are you waiting for?"

One of the reviews I referred to is by Jerry M.  The Titan .4 was Jerry's first metal cock ring.  He has since added to his collection and has also been a guest blogger here.  This is what Jerry wrote:  "The Titan .4 in the tactile brushed finish is a thing of beauty! It is as comfortable as it is gorgeous and keeps you rock hard for all of your sexual encounters. If your coming from a silicone ring the first thing you'll notice the weight of the ring and the fact that it's not flexible, but don't let that worry you. Once you orgasm your erection will slowly deflate and you'll be fine. The real question is what are you waiting for? Time to choose your finish and size. You'll be glad you did."


Bruno Knight is Bigger & Harder in His Titan .4 C Ring


"They look and feel so damn good."

Another review was posted by "Anonymous" in January.  He wrote:  "After an exploratory phase of cheaper nickel and rubber rings of various sizes, I finally discovered the Titan; most likely the best ring manufactured on the planet. These rings are a bit costly but the quality is second to none and they look and feel so damn good. I have all three sizes of the Titan. My experience with larger diameter rings always had me wishing for smaller, and have settled on 1 3/4 for all of them. Initially starting with the .2, it's perfect for all day wear and great as a first experience, but once on to the .4 I think I'll retire the smaller one. The .4 is subtle, you can forget it's there and wear it all day everywhere. Then there's the .6. I have several other Gear Essential rings and they all have a time and place, but this one tops the list. This is the one I wear every day, all day now. It looks great and you are more often reminded it is there than with the .4 (good thing) Sex with the .6 is exquisite. Can't recommend these enough and in my experience, if in doubt start here. IMO; .2 for introductory, .4 subtle all day wear, .6 the only one you'll ever need. Thanks Gear Essentials!"

The New 1-1/2" Titan .4 Next to its Titan .2 1-7/8" Sibling


Now available:  1-1/2" Ring

Many of you have asked for a smaller ring size (smaller than the 1-3/4" and larger than the 1-5/16").  We are happy to announce that we now have Titan .4 brushed finish rings in a 1-1/2" (38 mm) size.  This is a great size for a shaft ring or if you really want a good squeeze for a hotter fuck.  (At this time we only have them available in the Titan .4 brushed.)


Now available:  2-1/4" Ring

We also have added a 'BIG BOY' size for those of you who just need a little bit more!  Check out our new 2-1/4" (57 mm) size!

You owe it to yourself to try a solid stainless steel ring--they "look and feel so damn good" and as Jerry says, "What are you waiting for?" 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo #1 submitted by customer.  Photo #2 by Jay Williams.)



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