The Pleasure of HEAVY Glans Rings:  Just in Time for IML


The truck is packed and we are heading for Chicago. It is time once again for International Mr. Leather (IML) and we will be there! It is a great time to re-connect with many old friends and make new ones!

We have been working on new products and are in the process of getting them photographed (the photographs below are my amateur attempt) and uploaded onto the website.  

Two new products (we are very proud of these) are the bigger, heavier and wider Titan .6 and Titan .9 glans rings! Yes, you have been clamoring for heavier rings to slip under the heads of your dicks--and now we've got 'em (so you can get 'em)!

The Titan .2 and Titan .4 series that were introduced last year have flown off our shelves. We suspect this will be true of the new .6 and .9 head rings.  You will really feel these rings.

The prep for IML made me think of a comment that Marty made after buying some glans rings at IML 2013:  "My buddy and I purchased our Glans rings at IML put them on and have worn them constantly ever since. Everyone I show them to or have them try on wants one. Seriously I was at a naked pool party in FLL and I could have sold 30 of them for you guys right on the spot. I've got 6 friends here in Chicago who need a smaller I inch size and are waiting for you to start stocking them.   I posted a nude beach pic on a cruise site and have had lots of guys ask me about the ring? I pushed it to the base of my cock while getting a BJ and MY cock stayed rock hard. they are very cool."

I've pushed mine down as a shaft ring as well--great tip, Marty! We also took Marty's sage advice and added the 1" size to the Titan 2. and Titan. 4 lines. The new TItan .6 also has a 1" interior diameter available.


The NEW Titan .6 Glans Rings Next to Older Sibling the Titan .2 C Ring


Really want to feel your knob bob?  You will totally get off on the extra weight provided by the new Titan .6 glans ring--.6 inches (15 mm) of solid stainless steel bobbing on the end of your dick, tickling those hungry nerve-endings and making you squirm with delight!  Be prepared because folks are going to ask you why you are smiling all the time.  You will totally understand why customers refer to our head rings as being like a 'mini hand-job in my pants!'


Heavy Metal:  The Kissing Men are Wearing:
Right:  Anodized Quarter Screw & Quarter Screw Glans Ring
Left:  Stacked Strut sandwiched between Titan .2 C Rings & Titan .4 Head Ring


You will be amazed at how much bigger the head of your dick will get when you get hard in your glans ring.  It will pulsate and throb with erogenous sensitivity.  

Stop by our booth if you are in Chicago for IML this weekend and meet Heath (the man on the right).  If you are nice I bet he'll show you his glans ring!

The NEW Titan .9 Glans Ring Compared to the Titan .2 C Ring.  BIG



Bigger is better, right?  Here's your chance to prove it!  Check this out--nearly a full inch of solid brushed stainless steel (.9 inches / 23 mm to be exact) giving you more bounce per ounce than any other head ring out there!  You will be tickled, titillated and felt up to your heart's delight!  This is a beautiful piece of man-jewelry. 


Why Wear a Glans Ring?

So seriously--why do guys go all ape-shit over glans rings?

There are a lot of reasons--here are a few:

  1. It feels amazing!  This is all about you--it is self-pleasure pure and simple.  Sure, your partner may get off on the look or feel of it--but at the end of the day it's about how it makes you feel:  AWESOME!  Tickled in ALL the right places, Caressed.  Minutely and gently stroked.  Feel the mini hand-job in YOUR pants!
  2. It looks hot -- a lot of naturists wear glans rings because they are a great way to express your individuality.
  3. It delays orgasm -- when you have a head ring on, it masks the sensitive nerve endings around the base of your dick head during sex.  Because those happy-go-lucky nerves are covered up you last longer. 
  4. Many guys report that it makes their dick heads fuller and harder (blood is restricted in the head of your dick) and makes orgasms more intense. This is the case EVEN when wearing a cock ring.  Who knew it could get even bigger and more intense?!
  5. It increases your partner's pleasure.


The Omega C Ring & Titan .4 Glans Ring by gear essentials = Happy Dick!


Sizing can be a bit tricky. When customers e-mail asking for sizing help, we always ask for the following measurements (and remember, having a friend measure is half the fun!):

  1. Measure your shaft right below the head of your dick when flaccid:
  2. Measure your shaft right below the head of your dick when hard:
  3. Measure your corona (the widest part of the head of your dick) when flaccid:
  4. Measure your corona (the widest part of the head of your dick) when hard:

The glans ring should fit comfortably when you are soft—and yet not fall off—but also fit snugly (but not painfully) when you get hard.


Customer Erik is Double-Ringed:  The Titan .4 C & Glans Rings 


Erik is a repeat GearFan (and has been featured in a couple of blogs--he is pictured above; doesn’t his glans ring highlight a BEAUTIFUL dick?)  He writes:  "I have looked at other glans rings and tried on a couple but was dubious about them staying on.  Reading about this one I thought I might give it a try.  Wanting the right size, I asked for measuring instructions and got expert advice.  It was suggested that the largest diameter would be best for me and to get the .4" size for more weight.  (I am 4" soft, 5" hard.)  I am glad I got the largest one.  When I was soft it felt loose and I was afraid it would fall off.  I tested it around the house for a couple of hours and it never slipped.  So I wore it to pride for 16 hours comando with a cockring.  Walked 10 miles and danced for 2 hours in loose cargo shorts and it remained in place the whole time.  Wearing it all day I showed a lot more than usual and people noticed.  The whole time I was aware of it being on feeling my cockhead rubbing against the fabric of my pants.  Love this and I highly recommend this glans ring!"

If you want to feel the weight of the head ring the Titans are a great option. Just pick the fit and proportion that looks and feels best for you. 

There is a classic simplicity to the Titan Series. Created in the tactile brushed finish, it is carefully crafted in solid stainless steel in the USA.  These are a bit heavier than our lighter aluminum glans rings so if you want to weigh down the head of your penis for a longer flaccid look these will do the trick. Like our other glans rings, they fit perfectly beneath the corona of your penis. These are the best quality we have seen in a glans ring--the safest metal for your family jewels and long-lasting--like YOU! The Titans also feature our exclusive corona fit with a squared interior rim to help prevent the ring from slipping off. Because of its lean profile, the Titans are great for stacking or use as a shaft ring. As you can see in the picture above, these rings coordinate with the Titan Series of cock rings. Put them on and you will stand out!

Enjoy this classy man-accessory and enjoy the powerful feelings as you feel your rod in ways you've never experienced before!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Glans Rings:


Cock Rings:


(Photo 1 & 3 by Jay Williams, 2 by David Lee, 4 by “WhatColorAmIWearing” & 5 by Erik.  David Lee can be found at: )


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