The Mystery.  The Power.  SurgeBLACK


It's good to have a little mystery. Folks just assume that all the mystery in this world is the pervue of women. It's just not true.

(But let's just let them keep believing that--if they aren't suspicious, it just makes men's mysterious ways that much more surprising...and powerful.)

When you want to maximize and enhance the power that lies between your legs, a cock ring is the ultimate tool.


The Mystery.  The Power: SurgeBLACK C Ring


The Power is all about the blood flow that is kept IN your dick--which keeps you thicker, harder, bigger and longer. (It also keeps you more sensitive--but you don't need to tell anyone about that.) No--a cock ring is all about your partner--giving them more to enhance their sexual satisfaction.

You're such a giver that way.

The Mystery:  You can wear the SurgeBLACK anywhere--at the gym, through security at the airport, to the office, out having drinks with friends. It is there, pumping your package, keeping you HUGE and sensually self-aware. (Look at how huge his meat looks in the picture above.) There is something so erotic about feeling your chubbed slab of meat rubbing against your thighs with each stride. It brings the cock to your walk and slaps that knowing smile on your face.

You've got it going on.

John from Phoenix wrote the following about the SurgeBLACK:  "I'm really addicted to the heavier rings but wanted something of good quality for trips by air when I have to go through metal detectors. I am really pleased by the quality of this ring. It's simple yet is made of good material and is finished very well. The flagged edges mean it doesn't feel like plastic. It feels good. It's a good alternative when necessary but the black color is also a nice change. Nicely done!"


Detail of the SurgeBLACK Cock Ring by gear essentials


The SurgeBLACK is crafted out of medical grade plastic that is so safe for your skin that it is used in medical devices! Our first non-metal ring (the Grip) was so popular we had to bring you another--and in another style that is even MORE popular!  It has a slight give but it's hard–to keep you HARD! 

We've gotten so much positive feedback about the Surge that we've also added the Anodized Blue Surge. (This style is also available in the original aluminum version.) 


Latest Incarnation:  The Surge C Ring in Anodized Blue with Rim Detail


Like its spiffy sibling, this ring is designed to be noticed!  At .6 inches wide it is great for everyday wear. Sure, it will make a pronounced bulge in your suit or leathers but it is so comfortable you may forget you even have it on. We road-tested this ring under tighter underwear and were happy to discover NO cock fatigue at the end of a very long day! Like all of our rings, it will pop your prick front and center with a bit of lift. Will it make your package pronounced? Yup! Will it keep the blood flow in your dick so you stay thicker and harder? Oh, yeah!

The dipped blue gleams and is accented by shiny aluminum bands on each outside edge. You will also notice the smoothly concave elegance of this design; your cock seems to explode out of it! It looks like the ring is restricting your hard dick as it wraps around the base of your shaft. 

The Surge Blue Anodized cock ring is made in the USA of light-weight aluminum and features the ROBO collection’s signature interior comfort fit. Perfectly designed and balanced for easy work-all-day/play-all-night wear.

What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process in which a coat of color is added to the solid aluminum ring. The process finishes the metal and is environmentally-friendly. The by-products contain no heavy metals, halogens or volatile organic compounds. In addition to vibrant color, the process hardens the surface and thereby increases corrosion and wear resistance.


Glans Ring

You can also get the SurgeBLACK and the Surge in a glans ring--we repeatedly hear that it's like a 'mini hand-job in my pants'--it's an experience of constant stimulation!  (Today one of our GearBoys said, "It's all about the journey; not the destination" when talking about the sensual delights of the glans rings.) There are so many ways to add pleasure, mystery and power to your sex life.


Double-Ringed for Double the Power:  The SurgeBLACK Cock & Glans Rings



In a recent review on, Eduardo from Minneapolis wrote: “I just received this cock ring. It is hard than I thought it was but this is no problem. The curved sides allow for comfortable fit without pinching while wearing jeans/pants. It cleans up easily and appears to not scratch or get scraped easily if dropped. The quality is very nice, no rough edges.”

It's no mystery that you can add a lot of power to your sex life--get the SURGE!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos 1 submitted by customer. Photos 2 & 3 by gear essentials.) 



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