Today was the first full day of International Mr. Leather (IML) 36 in Chicago.  This has been an annual stop for the gear essentials' team for many years.  We enjoy the opportunity to interact with customers, get feedback on new products, re-connect with old friends and hang out with an amazing group of people.  

This year was no exception!  

(And I promise--we WILL be posting the many pictures of real customers wearing gear essentials' gear--some of you have already been asking!)

The Hold (see yesterday's blog) was a HUGE hit--in fact, I'm afraid we didn't bring enough to last through the weekend.  Guys are really loving the new heavier glans rings as well.

And--as always--it seems as though we always had at least one person waiting for a ball weight fitting all day.  IML is a great time to get some personal attention and a chance to try everything on.  

I was stacking--I had my trusty favorite 8 ounce brushed finish weight along with a new Omega Split ring for 1 lb. 3 ounces of weight hanging on my nads.  I also took a customer's advice and wore a Nitrile ring between the two weights.  It works well to avoid clinking, pinching and (this is me being practical) scratching of the ball stretchers.  


From IML...With LOVE:  Titan .4 & the 24 Oz. Ball Weight 



The man in latex pictured above is ready to play!  His cock is hard and ready for whatever comes his way.  The Titan .4 solid stainless steel cock ring keeps the blood in his cock so he is bigger, harder, longer and more sensitive.  His ball stretcher feels awesome too!  His balls are tugged and twisted in all sorts of erotic positions, it gives a firm grip on his tender bits, delays his orgasm and for some, results in an increase amount of cum.

It is a sexy-hot combination and it's all good!

We are all about better sex and this is a one-two punch to deliver mind-blowing, eye-popping sex.  Try it and life may never be the same again!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo re-blogged from Tumblr.) 



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