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There's a lot of energy here at International Mr. Leather (IML).  We have finished up at the Leather Mart for the day and most of our team is off taking power naps (it is going to be a busy night!)  Things were super-chaotic today but we had a great time!  Here is a picture of one of our larger customers enjoying his new Torque cock ring (several other folks enjoyed it too.)  

We'll admit that we have lots of cock ring choices at gear essentials.  There is something for everyone.  Some guys picked up rings to wear with a harness or under shorts, others bought something that feels comfortable for all day wear and many bought rings specifically suited to fucking better.  We've got what it takes to help you have what it takes to go the extra mile!  (Your partner will be so happy.)

Your cock rings help you express your unique personality or mood.  Personally, every morning I pick the cockring I am going to wear based on my mood that day.  The Torque (pictured below) is a uniquely handsome ring that you won't see on every Tom, Dick or Harry.  It is a stunning piece of jewelry on a stunning piece of meat!


Big & Bold at IML in the Torque C Ring by gear essentials



Solid, sexy and distinctive, this cock ring is part of our Contour Line and is crafted from solid stainless steel in the US.  It weighs in at 4.25 ounces (120.49 grams) despite its wide .6-inch (15.24 mm) bandwidth.  Its elegant profile is architecturally inspired--which seems very appropriate in a beautiful city like Chicago.

The Torque cock ring is what the best dressed tool is wearing!  Great under jeans, a suit or leathers.  Dress up your style with a Torque! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:    Torque C Ring:   http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/torque


(Photos by Jay Williams.) 



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