With Love.... From IML:  Feeling Torqued?


I love heavy metal. And so does the International Mr. Leather (IML) customer pictured below. He's cock of the walk with his solid stainless steel Torque cock ring (from our Contour Line) and one inch (16 ounce) ball weight--all by gear essentials. 


Feeling Torqued:  Torque C Ring & 16 Oz. Ball Weight

A heavy cock ring can feel like a great big warm hug (especially as the stainless steel starts to take on your body heat). It pulls your package together--forward, front, lifted and centered! It keeps the blood flow restricted into your prick so you stay thicker when flaccid and get to your biggest proportions when hard. I also love just the tingly, sexual tension and awareness of my flaccid dick in a cockring. It just feels so right that I feel naked without it.  

Add a ball weight and you now have double the power! It tugs, twists and pulls at your nads raising the sexual awareness and tension to new heights. It prevents your balls from disappearing up into your body just prior to cumming resulting in a delayed and prolonged orgasm. There really is no experience quite like it. I had so many guys tell me that it was more amazing than they had ever imagined when they put on their first ball stretcher at IML. It's quite an experience--and even better when you're having sex! I've said it before and it is so true:  "It makes sex better for both your partner and you. It also makes the simple act of walking down the street more erotic." (Who knew walking could be so fun?!)

Get Torqued--and add a ball weight--and experience new heights of pleasure!

 gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by Jay Williams.) 



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