With Love.... From IML:  Totally Stacked with the Omega Split Ring


Slave Thompson paid us a visit during International Mr. Leather (IML) and left with a lot of metal hanging from his balls!  He stopped by wanting a two-inch (32 Ounce) ball weight. He loves the look and the tantalizing tug and twist this weight provides.

We easily put the 32 Ounce ball stretcher on his nads. But then I asked if he would like more. He did! Like most of us, where his ball sac meets his pubes and dick things flare out so stacking a traditional 8 Ounce ball weight would not be easy.

So I mentioned that we had the NEW Omega Split Ring that could easily be added--the beauty of the split ring is that it can be used for a cock ring (easy to open in case you are afraid of getting stuck in your metal cockring with a hard-on!) But it is really designed for stacking. It comes in two widths (both wider than our traditional ball weights):  1 3/4" and 1 7/8". This makes them perfect for stacking on top of an existing ball weight.  

The Omega Split Ring is slightly over 11 ounces (312 grams) so you can get more 'weight per inch' with it as well (the bandwidth is .6 inches wide).


Stacked:  32 Ounces + 11 = 43 Ounces Stacked on Slave Thompson


Here's Slave Thompson with 43 Ounces (nearly 3 lbs.) of weight hanging from his balls.



Stacked:  A Closer Look at the Ball Weight & Omega Split Ring


He loved it!  So I asked if he wanted more.  

He did.

I had already put a 1-3/4" diameter ring on so I added another one--this time with a diameter of 1-7/8" (for a better fit due to the flaring towards his pubes).  It fit great and it's super-easy to add on top of your existing ball weight. 

When you add more weight, it helps accelerate the stretching process (if your goal is to have longer balls).  If that's not your goal, just relax and enjoy the intense sensations of all this weight dangling from your ball sac.


Totally Stacked!  TWO Omega Split Rings + the 32 Oz. Ball Weight!


Now Slave Thompson is wearing 54 Ounces--nearly 3 1/2 lbs. of solid stainless steel around his balls.  His dick chubbed up--he loved it!  (If you want to know more about why guys love ball weights, check out yesterday's blog:  With Love.... From IML: Get Stretched



Totally Stacked:  2 Omega Split Rings & a 32 Oz. Ball Weight 


If you would like to see more of Slave Thompson, you can check him out on tumblr:  slavethompson.  (We are followers!)  You may also be able to catch some of his pictures on our tumblr account at gearessentials.

Life is short--there's nothing that says your balls have to be!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Jay Williams.) 





He’s more impressive in real life, Jim. He’s got amazing balls—but he stretched to get there! ENJOY! Jay



That is the greatest thing i have ever seen

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