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International Mr. Leather (IML) is a visually stimulating and horny place.  And the guys who gather in our booth are trying gear on, making sure it fits when they have a hard-on and sometimes a little crowd gathers….  

That was the case when these pictures were taken.


With Love....May the Circle Be Unbroken...The Hold, Titan .2 Glans Ring & Titan .6 C Ring by gear essentials


The Hold

The Hot, young Ginger on the left is wearing The Hold Cock & Ball Cage.  The Hold was introduced for the very first time at IML.  They literally flew and we completely ran out of the 2" size.  

This is a great ring if you want something that is unique, wider, bolder & bigger.  It has a mega wide bandwidth (1.5" / 38 mm) and is available in three interior diameters:  1 3/4" (44.5 mm), 1 7/8" (47.6 mm) and 2" (50.8 mm).  

When you lock up your cock and balls in this wide cylinder of quality stainless steel, your balls can drop through a hole at the base so you can rock a wider cock ring than ever before!

This great big wide stainless steel hug takes some getting used to.  It's a split ring cock ring that hand screws together so just slip the larger half over your cock and balls and push it snugly against your pubes.  Allow your balls to drop through the wide slot and then slide the head of your dick through the outer ring.  (I wear our widest 1.5” diameter ball weight and have no problem fitting through the slot; however, if you have a set of bull balls this might be a bit of a squeeze.)  The first time I put it on it took a few minutes--now I can whip that baby on in no time!

The band closest to your pubes is the wider of the two rings--this allows you to get most of your balls in the indentation or wide slot before securing the outer ring.  The outer ring tapers to a narrower opening which adds weight and acts as a shaft ring.  This totally feels hot and adds an extra level of support for your hard-on (see above...and below!) 



With Love....Thanks to the C Rings the Boners are Fully Hard & the Action is Fast & Furious!



The Titan .6 Cock Ring

The Titan .6 is one of my favorite cock rings.  It is a gear basic that works for just about any occasion.  It features a flat profile with gently rounded edges for comfort.  When you put your Titan cockring on the blood is restricted from leaving your dick. That means your pumped up member is thicker, longer, harder and way more sensitive. So sex is way better too!

The Titan series is available in two finishes (brushed or mirrored) and 3 bandwidths:

  • Titan .2 Bandwidth: .2 inches / 5.08 mm.  Weight: Approximately 1.45 ounces (41.11 grams) 
  • Titan .4 Bandwidth: .4 inches / 10.06 mm.  Weight: Approximately 2.6 ounces (73.31 grams)
  • Titan .6 Bandwidth: .6 inches / 15.24 mm.  Weight: Approximately 3.8 ounces (107.73 grams)
  • All are also available as glans rings. 

        The Titan Series is also available in extended sizes in the .4 bandwidth (the 1 1/2" as well as the 2 1/4"). 


        With Love...A Typical Geared Circle Jerk:  There are Hands All Over the Place.  
        Featuring The Hold, Titan .2 Glans Ring, Titan .6 C Ring & Parolee Neoprene Jock


        Titan .2 Glans Ring

        Heath (pictured above) is hard and horned in his Titan .2 head ring.  This is a great look—solid stainless steel in a classically simple design: square-edged, broad-shouldered and stunning. You will get surprised double-takes as you walk through the showers at the gym. Your dick will bob more (and the sensuous feeling of that solid metal rubbing all those nerve-endings below the cap of your dick are intensely delicious!), hang a bit lower (due to the .5 ounces of weight) and then there is that tantalizing glint of brushed metal that attracts attention.

        [We have to admit that there is something about wearing some metal around your bits to get some positive attention!  Folks will ask you about your gear and admire (and touch) when they would never have dreamed of doing it otherwise.  It is the greatest ice-breaker!]

        We designed these to fit your manhood well—square-cut on the outside, but also on the inside with our exclusive corona fit to resist slippage. And solid stainless steel will not chip or peel like cheap chrome plate. This ring will stay strong—and keep your dick strong as well!  You will be amazed at how big the head of your dick can get!

        The Titan glans rings are available in FOUR bandwidths--the .2 pictured above, the .4, the NEW .6 and the NEW super-wide .9!

        Our glans rings have been described as ‘a mini hand-job in your pants’. It’s true! Discover this intensely erotic touch as you feel your dick in ways you’ve never experienced before!

        gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


        WHERE TO FIND IT:    


         (Photos by Jay Williams.) 



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