With Love.... From IML:  Sharing the Love (II)....


Yesterday, we shared the first few pictures from a large crowd that gathered in our booth at International Mr. Leather (IML).  We have discovered that when you try gear on, you start to make some new friends…


With Love.... Things Get Hot, Hard & Horned at IML!  The Hold, Titan .2 Glans Ring & Titan .6 C Ring by gear essentials


Their cock rings keep their dicks pumped, harder, thicker and more sensitive.  Whatever you are doing, it's better in a cock ring.



Things Start Moving So Fast--it's all a blur!  



Keeping 'Em Hard & Heavy With Their Cock Rings by gear essentials


For more information on the gear worn in these pics (The Hold Cock & Ball Cage, The Titan .2 Glans Ring and the Titan .6 Cock Ring) check out yesterday's blog.

Pop back tomorrow for more!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




 (Photos by Jay Williams.) 



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