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It's Day 5 of our pictures from the gear essentials' circle jerk at International Mr. Leather (IML).  

There's just something about getting your gear on and popping a boner.  And of course, it draws more than a little attention.


Getting Handsy in the Circle of Love at IML.  Heath is Wearing the Light-Weight Plunge C Ring



Plunge Cock Ring

Even though it's lighter than stainless steel, it still does everything a metal cock ring should do.  It lifts your balls, pushes your junque forward, keeps the blood pumped in your thickened cock, makes you more sensitive and looks great!  The soft satiny sheen is tempting to touch.  At .6 inches in bandwidth, it is comfortable in tight underwear (or out) as well due to gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit interior.

The Plunge styling is also available in the wider Total Plunge (.9 inches wide).


Hard, Hot, Heavy & Thicker in The Hold & Plunge C Rings by gear essentials

The Hold

The hot Ginger on the left is wearing The Hold Cock & Ball Cage.  This was introduced for the very first time at IML.  These new rings literally flew of the shelves and we completely ran out of the 2" size.  

The Hold is a great ring if you want something that is unique, wider, bolder & bigger.  Its mega bandwidth comes in at 1 1/2 inches  (38 mm) and is available in three interior diameters:  1 3/4" (44.5 mm), 1 7/8" (47.6 mm) and 2"(50.8 mm).  (Most guys were most comfortable in the size that correlates to their normal cock ring size.  However, guys with thicker shafts sometimes went up one size.)

Lock up your cock and balls in this wide cylinder of quality stainless steel.  The Hold is a split ring with a slot for your balls so they can drop through a hole at the base meaning you can rock a wider cock ring than you ever thought was possible.

This great big wide stainless steel hug takes some getting used to.  It's a split ring cock ring that hand screws together so just slip the larger half over your cock and balls and push it snugly against your pubes.  Allow your balls to drop through the wide slot and then slide the head of your dick through the outer ring.  (I wear our widest 1.5” diameter ball weight and have no problem fitting through the slot; however, if you have a set of bull balls this might be a bit of a squeeze.)  The first time I put it on it took a few minutes--now I can whip that baby on in no time!

The band closest to your pubes is the wider of the two rings--this allows you to get most of your balls in the indentation or wide slot before securing the outer ring.  The outer ring tapers to a narrower opening which adds weight and acts as a shaft ring.  This totally feels hot and adds an extra level of support for your hard-on (see the pics above...and below!) 



Want a Big Head?  Check out gear essentials' Glans Rings



Titan .2 Glans Ring

Heath (pictured above) is hard and big-headed in his Titan .2 head ring.  This square-edged ring feels and looks great.  Why do we love 'em?

  • Your dick will bob more (causing more motion which feels great)
  • Causes sensuous feelings as the solid stainless steel rubs all those nerve-endings below the cap of your dick
  • You cock will hang a bit lower (due to the .5 ounces of weight) 
  • Makes the head of your penis even bigger than normal for increased sensitivity and sexual pleasure

Aaron wrote a review on  He seems to be pretty happy with his new head ring: “How does it feel? Pretty much amazing. I was skeptical of the description "feels like a little hand job" while walking... but it actually does. I also enjoy the constant feeling of weight on my cock and my dick does stand out more. “So if you are even slightly thinking about getting one of these, just do it. You will be happy with it. You'll love the weight on your dick and the look. I can't wait to go camping to show this off. Thanks Gear Essentials, you yet again, provided an outstanding product!”


We designed these to fit your prick—square-cut on the outside as well as on the inside with our exclusive corona fit to resist slippage. The brushed solid stainless steel will not chip or peel like cheap chrome plate. This ring will stay strong—and keep your dick strong too.  

The Titan glans rings are available in FOUR bandwidths--the .2 pictured above, the .4, the NEW .6 and the NEW super-wide .9!  If you want to enjoy heavier weights bobbing on the end of your dick, just order a wider bandwidth.



Get Your Gear On--& Experience the Joy of 'Reach Out & Touch!'


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





 (Photos by Jay Williams.) 




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