With Love.... From IML:  Sharing the Love (VII)....


It’s Day 7 of our International Mr. Leather (IML) gear essentials' circle jerk!  



When you put on gear essentials’ gear one thing just seems to lead to another:  a crowd gathers and you just can’t stop touching.  




With Love....May the Circle Be Unbroken...The Hold, Titan .2 Glans Ring & Titan .6 C Ring by gear essentials



The Hold is a great ring if you want something that is unique, wider, bolder & bigger.  It has This features a mega wide bandwidth (1.5" / 38 mm) and is available in three interior diameters:  1 3/4" (44.5 mm), 1 7/8" (47.6 mm) and 2" (50.8 mm).  In addition to being a cock ring, it is also a cock & ball cage as well as a shaft ring.  Double-duty never felt so fine!


C Rings Pump You Up so Your Dick BEGS to Be Touched. The Man in the Back is Sporting a Grip C Ring



Plunge Cock Ring - Heath (on the right side of the pictures) is wearing this hot, lightweight aluminum cock ring.  It is powerful!  Super sexy in mod solid aluminum finish with our extreme comfort interior, it's easy to forget you have it on.  Even though it's lighter than stainless steel, it still does everything a metal cock ring should do.  It lifts, pushes your package forward, keeps the blood pumped in your thickened cock, makes you more sensitive and looks amazing!  At .6 inches in bandwidth, it is comfortable in tight underwear (or out!)

Grip Penis RingThis .6 inch wide Grip cock ring is constructed of medical-grade plastic. This material is so safe it is used in medical devices. Rigid–to keep you rigid--yet with just a bit of give. Super sexy black with an elegantly raised center design and gear essentials' exclusive Comfort Fit interior rim for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear.  Get a GRIP!


 The Dicks are Hard & the Hands are Flying!  With Love from IML!



Heath is also wearing a Titan .2 Glans Ring.  This ring fits right below the mushroom cap of your dick.  This works whether you are cut or uncut. 

Guys wear it for several reasons:

  1. It feels AMAZING throughout the day.  Guys have referred to it as a 'mini hand-job in my pants'.
  2. It looks hot -- a lot of naturists wear glans rings because it is a great way to express your individuality.
  3. It delays orgasm -- when you have a head ring on, it masks the sensitive nerve endings around the base of your dick head.  Because it is covered up you can last longer.  One buyer of a glans ring reported that it makes his head fuller and harder (blood is restricted in the head of your dick) and makes his orgasms more intense.
  4. It increases your partner's pleasure.

Whatever the reason, it feels great and improves sex.  Life is short--grab the ring! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




 (Photos by Jay Williams.) 



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