Full Thong / Triple-Ringed & STRONG!  Part I


We love customer reviews. They are a great opportunity for us to learn, grow, improve our gear and develop new things. But we REALLY love them when they include pictures. You know the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  It's true.

Andy (yup, names have been changed to protect the innocent) writes:  "Hello Jay.

"I thank we have a winner…YEAH!

"The Omega Split ring arrived on Friday. I couldn't wait to bolt it around by balls…. OMG… it fits so perfect!…. My plan is to also start wear it 24/7 Like I have always done with my Fury Cockring and also the relatively new Titan glands ring. I love the occasional clicking sounds I hear when my rings tap against each other… VERY HOT!"

Andy mentions wearing his ball weight 24/7. We haven't come across any research (or personal experience) that indicates there might be a problem with this.  I have worn my 8 ounce ball stretcher 24 hours a day in the past but quit because it stimulates me too much and I had very restless sleep. A concern would be if you twisted your balls in the metal ring while changing positions during a heavy sleep. Remember, the stainless steel won't give--but your balls will.

One word of caution:  do be careful about wearing a rigid cock ring while sleeping.  We do not recommend it. The concern is that during a wet dream you could have a raging boner that goes unrelieved which could potentially cause some damages to your blood vessels.  I mentioned this to a customer a few months ago and he responded, "No problem, I just wake up and jack off!  I don't want to waste a good hard on!"  I generally wear a Nitrile penis ring 24 hours a day and have not experienced any problems with it.

Our first shot of Andy shows him filling out his thong.  Fortunately it has a lot of 'give' to it!


Andy More Than Fills Out His Thong: C Ring, Glans Ring & Ball Weight Pumps Him UP!


We have talked about how a cock ring pushes your package up, forward, front and center.  It certainly is doing that for Andy!

He continues:  "BTW… My Husband also loves the way it looks.

"Here are some photos I took right after I put it on.

"Please feel free to add my information and the photos to your blog

"Can’t wait for tomorrow… see the reaction from guys at the gym when I shower and change.

'Also feels great inside my thong!!!!



Andy Looks as Though His Thong Might EXPLODE!  It's all Good!


In a later e-mail Andy added:  "The Omega ring is staying on just fine… I haven't taken it off yet.

"I have a physical exam on Friday… so I recon that will be a good time to remove my metal gear… But just for a few hours… I feel naked with my cockring on.

"BYW… it’s been great wearing all this metal in the Locker room Shower…no comments yet just looks.. I do get some occasional noise from the rings tapping together… that's really cool.

"Now you just need to develop a fury ring that's a little wider (like it has 3 bands)

"Thanks Much"


Triple-Ringed & Chubbed Up!  The Fury C Ring, Omega Split Ring & Titan Glans Ring


We know Andy has a thicker than average dick because he can wear an Omega Split Ring Ball Weight without a 'regular' ball weight beneath it (to keep it from slipping off).  (And check out the proportions as compared to the rest of his gear!)  I have a nice set of balls but I cannot wear the Omega Split Ring without wearing a ball weight below it.  Our thought in developing the Omega Split was that it could easily convert from stacked ball weight to cock ring if you start to experience 'ball fatigue' while stretching your ball sac.  (Just slide the head of your dick through and it becomes a cock ring and takes the pressure off your balls.)  Additionally, it is wider so it accommodates our penis’ physiology as our packages start to flare out where the base of the cock and balls meets the pubes.  So much for our best-laid plans!

Therefore the Omega Split Ring can be a ball stretcher or a penis ring.  If you are nervous about getting the forever erection that traps you in your cock ring (forever) have no fear!  Just unscrew it and you’re out of it!  (Just to note:  We have found this fear to be overblown.  Yes, sometimes it happens but it's nothing a cold shower and thinking about your parents having sex won't cure.  Sorry.  I shouldn't have written that.  Blech!)

The Omega Split Ring IS basically the uber popular Omega cut in half.  One side of the half ring has a male/female connector.  The other side is secured with an Allen screw (wrench included).  It’s super easy to secure.

It provides all of the benefits of a rigid metal cock ring--without any of the paranoia.  This ring comes in two sizes:  1-3/4" or 1 7/8" (interior diameter). 


Things are Perking UP!  It Looks like Andy will be Seeing Some Action!


Andy's Fury is a powerful ring!  He can fuck harder, stronger and longer with the help of the Fury cock ring by gear essentials! 

You can take sex to a new level of passion and intensity with the Fury, our second heaviest (10 ounces / 286 grams) solid stainless steel cockring. The Fury is also our widest stainless ring at .9 inches (and Andy writes that he wants MORE!) You will know you have it on and your partner will definitely feel the difference.

How does it work? Blood flows into your dick and is restricted from leaving due to the rigid band of metal hugging the base of your prick. This means you stay harder, thicker, longer and are more sensitive. And that means better sex—whether with a partner or by yourself.

Triple ring and give a better fuck—and enjoy a whole new level of steaming sex!

(And check back tomorrow for the second Part of Andy's pics!)

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos courtesy of Andy.) 



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