Full Thong / Triple-Ringed & STRONG! (Part II)


Yesterday we posted the first set of pictures from our very happy customer Andy. (Yes, this is an alias to protect the 'innocent'! At least we all pretend to be!)

Andy is loving his new Omega Split Ring ball weight / cock ring (as well as the other rings he is sporting). This new piece of gear does double duty--and it does it well!  The Omega Split Ring was designed to stack on top of a smaller diameter traditional ball stretcher. However, Andy has such a set of bull balls that he can wear it all by itself and it doesn't slip off!

Here's Andy in this thong--and does this stick out in a crowd!  


Andy More Than Fills Out His Thong: C Ring, Glans Ring & Ball Weight Keeps Him Pumped!


A cock ring pushes your package up, forward, front and center. It certainly is doing that for Andy!

He wrote:  "The Omega Split ring arrived on Friday. I couldn't wait to bolt it around by balls…. OMG… it fits so perfect!…. My plan is to also start wear it 24/7 Like I have always done with my Fury Cockring and also the relatively new Titan glands ring. VERY HOT!"


Triple-Ringed & Chubbed Up!  The Fury C Ring, Omega Split Ring & Titan Glans Ring


The beauty of the Omega Split Ring is that it can be used for a cock ring (easy to open in case you are afraid of getting stuck in your metal cockring with a hard-on!) But it was really designed for stacking. It comes in two widths (both wider than our traditional ball weights):  1 3/4" and 1 7/8". This makes them perfect for stacking on top of an existing ball weight. But in this case, Andy's got the balls to wear it as a solo ball stretcher.

I was a bit worried that it might slip off at an inopportune moment (but then when wouldn't be an inopportune moment?!)  Andy added:  "The Omega ring is staying on just fine… I haven't taken it off yet."

The Omega Split Ring is slightly over 11 ounces (312 grams) so you can get more 'weight per inch' with it as well (the bandwidth is .6 inches wide).


Another Shot of Andy Triple-Ringed & Chubbed!  He is Ready to Rumble!


We have gotten a lot of positive response to our glans rings as well.  Guys refer to them as a 'mini hand-job in my pants' because of the gentle rubbing they give you as you walk and move throughout your day (which is why these are best when worn under loose clothing).   

When the glans rings first came out, Marty from Chicago wrote:  "My buddy and I purchased our Glans rings at IML put them on and have worn them constantly ever since. Everyone I show them to or have them try on wants one. Seriously I was at a naked pool party in FLL and I could have sold 30 of them for you guys right on the spot. I've got 6 friends here in Chicago who need a smaller I inch size and are waiting for you to start stocking them.   I posted a nude beach pic on a cruise site and have had lots of guys ask me about the ring? I pushed it to the base of my cock while getting a BJ and MY cock stayed rock hard. they are very cool."

We took Marty's advice and now the 1" diameter is available in the Titan .2, Titan .4 and Titan .6.

Cap off your dick with a glans ring.  These new rings were our hottest sellers at IML 2013.  We had scores of guys come back bringing friends.  They all look awesome.  The heavier stainless steel rings add nice weight to your dick so when flaccid you hang lower.  When you walk it causes a bit of friction in your pants which feels amazingly good!  They leave a smile on your face and a bulge in your pants.  So go ahead and cap your cap!

The Titan Series is available in the following sizes:

  • Titan .2 -- .2 inches / 5 mm
  • Titan .4 -- .4 inches / 10 mm
  • Titan .6 -- .6 inches / 15 mm
  • Titan .9 (our widest & heaviest) -- .9 inches / 23 mm
Andy is Keeping it Strong with His Fury Cock Ring by gear essentials


The Fury is gear essentials' widest (.9 inches / 23 mm) and second heaviest stainless steel cockring (weighing in at slightly over 10 ounces). It is extremely sexy and comfortable to wear (despite its heft). It pumps up your package and your dick for furious action!   The blood flow is restricted in your dick so you stay harder, thicker and longer.  Add some Fury to your life today! 



Unleash Your Inner Monster!  Get Your Gear Today & Get Triple-Ringed!


You too can enjoy a whole new level of amazing sex!  Be strong!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos courtesy of Andy.) 


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I can relate to this look and feel, way to go Andy, stand out and be proud and wear it proudly. Gotta love the thong look.

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