Double Duty:  Double Pleasure/Double Fun with the Omega Ball Weight / C Ring


There are a lot of reasons for wearing a ball weight.  We have listed the reasons many times in earlier blogs.  One of the reasons that a lot of guys like ball stretchers is because they do just that:  stretch out your balls.

The customer pictured below arrived at our booth at International Mr. Leather (IML) wanting to stretch his balls and enjoy the play and pleasure of a weight on his ball sac.  As you can see, he is high and tight.  

We were able to fit an 8 ounce brushed finish ball weight on his sac but he really wanted more.


The "Starter" Ball Weight:  The 8 Ounce Brushed Finish Ball Weight by gear essentials


So out came the NEW Split Omega ball Stretcher.  

What exactly is the Omega Split ring?

A few months ago a very clever customer taught me that you can stack a cock ring on top of a ball stretcher and if the weight gets too heavy for your scrotum (I call this 'ball fatigue') you can just slide the head of your dick through and wear it as a cock ring (thereby taking the weight off your ball sac).  BRILLIANT!

I love this idea and have used this trick.  But then I thought, "What if we made a split ring that could double as a cock ring AND a ball weight?"  And so the Omega Split Ball Weight/Cock Ring was born.



Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun, Double Duty with the Omega Split Ring


The beauty of the Omega Split Ring is that it comes in wider widths so it can fit where a traditional ball weight cannot.  It is wider so it fits right over your balls where they flare out to meet your pubes.  Plus the Omega weighs 11 ounces instead of 8--giving you even more weight for more tug and twist action.

And if you discover that your balls are feeling a bit sore, just tuck the head of your dick through the Omega and slide it up against your pubes.  This relieves the pressure on your balls and you still have a handy package under your jeans!

Double Duty:  it's a beautiful way to double your fun and double your pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!










(Photos by Jay.) 





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